Matias TactilePro 3

  • Matias TactilePro 3
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  • ALPS mechanical switches make satisfying click.
  • Laser-etched keys won't fade.
  • Strong build.


  • Expensive.
  • Clicking sound irritates neighbors.

Expert reviews and ratings

By MyMac on 100

I have used the Matias Tactilepro 3 for well over a month and besides the clickety-clack of the keys (which I have gotten used to) this is an excellent keyboard. Typing seems effortless when you don’t have to strike the keys with a lot of force. This...

By cnet on 83

Fans of Apple's legendary Extended II keyboard will love the Matias TactilePro 3.0's sculpted keys and satisfying click. Its sturdy build and laser-etched keys also ensure a long lifespan. If you get past the $150 price, the Matias TactilePro...

By Macworld on 90

If you’re looking for a small, quiet keyboard with a load of bells and whistles in the form of special-function keys, the software to configure those keys, and a built-in track pad, the TactilePro 3 is definitely not for you. And that’s...