Metadot Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

  • Metadot Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate
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  • Excellent mechanical keyboard with tactile and acoustic feedback, Built in USB hub, Quality build, PShould improve touch typing skills over time
  • Provides an outstanding experience for both the fingers and the ears. Hefty construction. Integrated USB hub. Can support full n-key rollover. Now works with KVMs.


  • Lacks Multimedia Controls, Attracts fingerprints, Expensive
  • Very expensive. No media keys. Full n-key rollover requires PS/2 port connection. The Blank Ultimate version may drive non-touch typists insane.

Expert reviews and ratings

By MyMac on 100

As I begin to type this review, my heart is filled with sadness. Don’t get me wrong, the Das Keyboard may be the best keyboard I have ever used. No, the reason the sadness is setting in is simple: I have to send this back once my review is over. And...

By on

Keyboards come in all shapes and sizes - from simple to advanced, basic or with display, or with a sound card or extra keys. The quality of the keys themselves often is of secondary importance. This review will focus on a category of keyboards that has...

By Maximum PC on 90

The Das Keyboard has two things going for it. One, it’s awesome. It has no labels on the keys. When you type on it, you look like a ninja. That’s awesome. The other thing is that it feels great to use. It’s a mechanical keyboard, and...

By Testfreaks on 100

What separates the Model S Ultimate from other keyboards are a host of features, but primarily it makes typing more enjoyable. The tactile feedback of the keyboard in combination with the audible clicks creates a soothing experience. Since it comes...

By PC Mag on 90

If you think the cost is high for a keyboard, you're right, but the Das Keyboard Model S more than gives you your money worth. With gold-plated mechanical key switches (rated for upwards of 50 million key presses), you can both feel and hear the...

International Review By on

Markedet flommer over av mekaniske tastaturer, hvor nesten alle benytter taster fra Cherry MX. Derfor kan det være vanskelig å velge mellom alternativer med samme brytertype, som ofte varierer i pris, kvalitetsnivå og...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Toetsenborden zijn er in allerlei soorten en maten, van simpel tot geavanceerd, kaal of met een schermpje, een geluidskaart of extra toetsen. De kwaliteit van de toetsen is soms bijna een bijkomstigheid. In dit artikel richten we ons juist op een...

International Review By TweakPC on

Ganz klar: dem Durchschnittsanwender ist das Keyboard Model S in der getesteten Variante ohne Beschriftung nicht zu empfehlen. Das alles macht aber auch gar nichts, denn für ein solches Publikum wurde das Keyboard Model S in der Ultimate-Edition...

International Review By on

“Das Keyboard” Model S ist eine solide Tastatur mit mechanischen Schaltern, die ein ganz neues Tippgefühl vermittelt.Schon einmal haben wir über Das Keyboard Model S berichtet. Bereits im Namen deutet sich der Superlativ an. Aber...