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By technologytell.com on

Don't look at the TekGear Twiddler 3 as a keyboard/mouse replacement. This is not the device you'll want to use when you need to mash out 80+ WPM for a report. But it is very convenient for all those other times when speed isn't of the essence and/or...

By makeuseof.com on

The Twiddler is a one-handed keyboard device which works using chording to theoretically enable typing at up 240 words per minute; and it has a mouse pointer. Mind blown yet?If you've ever been in a courtroom, you've probably noticed the person in the...

By theregister.co.uk on

As a keyboard replacement the Twiddler III works, and with practice it provides comparable speeds from a single hand. For those who need a free hand, or want to walk and type, the device is second to none, but big hands and impatient learners will be...