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The Apple MacBook Air 2013 is a refreshed version of the skinny laptop with the latest Haswell processor. The MacBook Air uses the ULT variants of the chip, which should result in 40% faster graphics and much improved battery life. Also new is support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the faster and not-yet-finalized standard that should greatly improve range and bring wireless transmission speeds up to a theoretical 1300Mbps.

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By Engadget on 90

The Air remains our favorite ultraportable, thanks to improved battery life, exceptional speed and a comfortable...

By on 83

With all the excitement over Apple's radical new Mac Pro and iOS 7, the spotlight hasn't lingered long on the latest MacBook Air. Despite all the rumours, it has an identical chassis to last year's model and no Retina display; the only dramatic change is...

By The Inquirer on 90

THE ORIGINAL Apple Macbook Air established itself as the benchmark for thin and light laptops, and with its upgrade to Intel Core chips in 2011 it got the performance boost to match its sleek design and...

By on 100

The design and performance make the MacBook Air a standout product among the latest crop of ultrabooks. You can run any applications you'll need for business use, including Microsoft Office, and the trackpad and Mac OS X make the Air a pleasure to...

By on 80

OS X Mountain Lion OS X Mountain Lion review OS X Mountain Lion: what you need to know OS X Mountain Lion compatibility: will your Mac take it? The new 2013 13-inch MacBook Air makes some significant improvements on the 2012 model, but the processor's...

By AnandTech on -

The fact that I’d be making minimal compromises to carry a real notebook versus the iPad is startling, and if you need the most mobile productivity machine you can get, it’s hard to top this. As we start to see more Haswell-based ultraportables and tablets, particularly when the Haswell ULX (Y-series) parts hit, this might change, but for now I feel pretty comfortable saying that.

By DigitalVersus on 80

The 2013 MacBook Air 13" is faster when running Windows 8 than it is under Apple's OS X Mountain Lion. It also keeps some of the computer's original advantages such as the sound quality and thin, lightweight chassis. On the other hand, the battery life...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

Apple's newest, most powerful, and most refined MacBook Air finally reaches that ‘all-day-playback' milestone that is so crucial for a portable device. It's got enough battery life to last a full day of video, or even longer if you're just browsing the...

By HotHardware on -

Overall, the new for 2013 Apple MacBook Air offered better performance versus last year's model, especially when it came to graphics and storage subsystem throughput. Apple's super-thin notebook also placed near the top of its class in terms of...

By NotebookCheck on 87

Apple MacBook Air 2013 The MacBook Air 13 excites users with its slim and attractive unibody case . The workmanship is almost flawless and the noise emissions are barely noticeable (for the majority of the time). The new model supports the...

By PCMag on 80

The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Mid 2013) is the Haswell updated version of the iconic ultraportable laptop. It lasts over 10 hours running on battery power, so it's a highly recommended choice if you must have the thinnest possible laptop with the most battery life.

By T3 on 100

For the ultimate in portablilty, the 11-inch model still reigns, though battery life can’t match this laptop. And if you have last year’s model, you may also be tempted to upgrade by the super-fast recovery from standby which is way faster than the few seconds it used to be. Overall, this is fast, lightweight and, thanks to a £50 price drop, excellent value.

By PCAdvisor on 80

We were worried about that 1.3 GHz clock speed at first, but the Haswell processor proves more than a match for its faster-looking Ivy Bridge predecessor while nearly a day’s battery life. Combine that performance with the MacBook Air’s lightweight, elegant design and you’ve got an ultraportable laptop that still sets the standard for its Windows rivals to copy.

By DigitalVersus on 100

With the 2013 MacBook Air 13", Apple has set a new record for battery life that truly crushes the competition. Fourteen and a half hours! Just think of the possibilities. On top of that, you have the same thin/lightweight body, quiet fan and quality...

By Wired on 90

When I'm going to be working remotely for an entire day — like writing at a coffee shop, or liveblogging a conference keynote — my first major concern is always, “Is there Wi-Fi?” After that it's, “Will my battery last?”My main computer is currently a...

By Macworld UK on 100

The 2013 MacBook Air 13-inch looks exactly the same as last year's model. It features the same super-slim, lightweight design and if you are looking for a slim, lightweight laptop the MacBook Air is still the best around, although obviously it's...

By on 100

These days Apple doesn't generally move in leaps and bounds; instead it offers incremental upgrades to its core line-up. It's telling that the MacBook Air's design has remained largely unchanged since its inception in 2008 - Cupertino obviously has...

By AnandTech on -

Admittedly I do fall into more of the pro user category. For its customers looking for a good, mainstream notebook PC, the new MacBook Air is really quite awesome. Even I'm tempted by the machine thanks to its battery life alone. If I didn't feel like we were a few months away from an rMBP update and wasn't so hell-bent on sticking...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Ideally we'd have liked a higher resolution screen, but with great battery life, amazing build quality, a great keyboard and a lower price, the Macbook Air is the best thin-and-light laptop...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 90

Ever since Apple reinvented what it saw was the sub-notebook category with the MacBook Air, computer manufacturers have had to double their efforts to come up with strong competitors. In the latest MacBook Air, Apple is out to show that it still...