AVADirect Clevo W110ER

  • AVADirect Clevo W110ER
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  • More affordably priced than its competitors, Nvidia Optimus technology conserves battery life, at least in theory, Removable battery.
  • Good performance, Excellent gaming.
  • Pound for pound, possibly the most powerful gaming laptop you can buy. Covers the basics, with futureproof specs to keep your game going for the next few years, no upgrades required.


  • Drab design, Battery life is relatively short, Rubbery trackpad can be frustrating, Outperformed by others in its class.
  • Heavy, Small display and keyboard.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 80

Despite a drab utilitarian design, the AVADirect Clevo W110ER as configured costs less than its competitors, making it a solid choice for gamers on a budget who value performance over...

By G4tv.com on 60

Video Review: The AVADirect Direct Quick Ship Clevo gaming laptop is an 11" ultra portable laptop with an Intel quad-core i7 processor, NVIDIA GT 650 GPU and 15 GB of RAM--but is this enough to make your gaming experience as awesome as possible? Matt...

By PC World on 70

Small, stocky but oddly handsome with great gaming—if you can handle the netbook-like...

By Wired on 70

Gamers have long had two real choices if they wanted to go mobile: tote their monstrous desktop PC to the LAN party, or invest thousands in a beastly, oversized gaming notebook.AVADirect would like to offer you a third option: the W110ER, an 11.6-inch...

By LaptopMag on 70

The 11-inch AVADirect Clevo W110ER delivers impressive gaming performance and a cool rubberized finish, but this laptop runs...

By NotebookCheck on 82

The experiment is a success: A 11.6 inch sized gaming laptop is possible without waste heat, noise or throttling exceeding critical proportions. Even after several days of extensive testing and benchmarking, Schenker's XMG A102 still thrilled us with...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 82

L'expérience est un succès: Le 11.6 pouces pour joueurs est une vrai réussite dans quasiment tout les domaines.Après quelques jours de tests et de benchmarks, le Schenker XMG A102 se révèle être très puissant (incroyable à première vue) avec ses...

International Review By Notebookcheck RU on 82

Эксперимент вышел успешным : 11.6-дюймовый Clevo W110ER, в исполнении Clevo или другого производителя, обеспечивает полноценный мобильный гейминг! Естественно, минусы имеются. Большой вес (1.7 Кг), бюджетный дисплей. Но зато производительность...