Dell Latitude 6430u

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  • Excellent keyboard.
  • Long battery life.
  • Removable battery.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavy for an Ultrabook.

Expert reviews and ratings

By ConsumerSearch on

The Dell Latitude 6430u's snappy performance and business-centric extras earn it the title of Best Reviewed business laptop, but it's a slim victory. Dell's tech support is improved, but the lack of a touch screen is a major flaw in some critics'...

By PC Mag on 80

The Dell Latitude 6430u (HD+) adds a 1,600 by 900 display to a formidable business laptop, and packs some multimedia oomph as...

By IT Pro Portal on 90

The Dell Latitude 6430u is heavier than the average Ultrabook, and doesn't have the compelling desirability of the slimmest 13in options, such as the Samsung Series 9 900X3B. But it has plenty of functionality to make up for this, with great general...

By TechRadar AU on 60

You might also like... Windows 8.1 review We have no difficulty in recommending the Dell Latitude 6430u as a worthwhile business laptop. The real question is whether or not it stands as a worthy alternative to a top quality consumer Ultrabook like the...

By NotebookCheck on 86

The HD+ version of the Dell Latitude 6430u is a well-rounded ultrabook for business professionals. Because we consider many different factors, the final score only improved by 1% to 86%. The new model doesn't have any major flaws - but adds an improved...

By IT PRO on 80

With military grade design and excellent battery life, the 6430u will satisfy the need of most business users. The only weakness is the screen. The low-quality means it's not ideal for graphical...

By on

Some Ultrabooks focus on getting things done and although the end result is often a little on the dull side you can sense that you're moving faster than with some other laptops and Ultrabooks. The Dell Latitude 6430u is one of those Ultrabooks and we've...

By OCWorkBench on

Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook reviewBluetooth 11 May 2013 Tablets are flooding the market in different sizes and shapes. Although they cater to a new generation of users who loves apps for functionality, such Windows 8 tablets do not come with a...

By on

The Dell Latitude 6430u is here and under my fingers. 1366×768 and a 36Wh battery is a shocking thing to be seeing on a new Ultrabook in 2013 but wait because it turns out that if you don't like that you can change it, and that's one of the key features...

By PCAdvisor on 80

Even consumers should seriously consider this ultrabook, since the entry-level configuration is more than adequate for most purposes, and the three-year warranty makes a big-box store's extended warranty unnecessary.

By PCWorld on 80

The Latitude 6430u is expensive, but most truly superb things are. Even consumers should seriously consider this ultrabook, since the entry-level configuration is more than adequate for most purposes, and the three-year warranty makes a big-box store’s extended warranty unnecessary.

By PC World on 80

In a world of cheap-feeling merchandise, the Latitude 6430u stands apart. It's well-built, tastefully designed, and very comfortable to use. It's also fast and available with a wide variety of warranty and support options, as a good corporate computer...

By Computer Shopper on 80

This business-class 14-inch ultrabook sports an excellent keyboard, a removable battery, and long battery life. Its screen isn't stellar, but it's still a great productivity machine that may even win over some ThinkPad converts....

By Notebook Review on 74

The Dell Latitude 6430u is an ideal unit for users who want a mix of portability and productivity. The sleek ergonomic design makes the notebook easy to hold and traverse with, while the extensive battery life ensures that the device will last while in...

By MobileTechReview on 70

The Dell Latitude 6430u is a business Ultrabook that's good enough looking for executives yet durable enough to drag to off site sales calls month after month. It offers solid Ultrabook level performance with ULV Intel third generation CPUs and it's...

By on

Lisa Gade reviews the Dell Latitude 6430u laptop. It has a 14″, 1366 x 768 display and it runs on Intel Core i3/i5/i7 ULV Ultrabook CPUs. Unlike most Ultrabooks, the battery is removable and you can easily open up the laptop to access the 2 RAM slots,...

By PC Pro on 83

Dell adds an Ultrabook to its Latitude range, but the tough-nut chassis and refined ergonomics deserve a better...

By PC Mag on 80

With its slick design, excellent keyboard, and great battery life, the Dell Latitude 6430u is an easy choice for those who want productivity for work without having to settle for a drab, utilitarian business...

By InfoWorld on 86

The Latitude 6430u is at the high end of the size and weight class for an Ultrabook, but it's lighter and svelter than many other business-class notebooks. It also gets terrific battery life, doesn't burn your lap, and manages to work decently well...

By HotHardware on

The Dell Latitude 6430u isn’t your average ultrabook; it was designed and built specifically with the business world in mind, offering robust security measures, some rugged build features, and relatively easy and powerful manageability. But it’s not...