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By NotebookCheck on 89

Dell has created a masterpiece with it latest Precision series. No other contender we reviewed managed to fuse high-end performance with a low operating noise so well. Unfortunately, Dell blunders in stability in the test model, which is so important...

By IT Pro Portal on 80

The Precision M6700 may not quite live up to Dell's claim of being the most powerful portable workstation ever, at least in this specification. But it has a huge amount of performance to offer for both 2D and 3D applications, which can be used for a...

By IT PRO on 83

Dell’s 17in workstation doesn’t come cheap, especially if you improve its specification with the wealth of upgrades available. However, it’s a price worth paying for those who need desktop-style power in a machine that can be slung onto the back seat...

By PC Pro on 83

An impressive 17in workstation with few weaknesses, which justifies its high price thanks to excellence...

By Cadalyst on

This is our fourth review of a top-of-the-line Dell Precision mobile workstation, beginning with the Precision M6300 reviewed in October 2008. Dell's current offering, the Precision M6700, carries on the tradition of combining excellent...

By on

If we have to describe the Dell Precision M6700 in one word, that would be impressive. The Dell Precision M6700 is more than an amazing laptop, with really only one drawback. That's the weight. 4.1 kg is heavy, no matter how you look at it. The M6700...

By AnandTech on

When you think about it, the enterprise workstation market really only has three key players. You have HP, who produce some excellent mobile workstations but have been stagnating horribly on the desktop side. You have Dell, who produce what are in...

By NotebookCheck on 89

Dell's Precision M6700 especially convinces with a silent operating noise in low load alongside its high performance. Office tasks, internet research and basic image editing projects can be performed on a virtually inaudible work device. When it comes...

International Review By on 84

Bom, não temos muito o que traçar num equipamento deste segmento, por não possuirmos algum tipo de base de comparação, este é nosso primeiro review de um workstation portátil, por isso pedimos paciência ao nosso querido leitor, e deixaremos alguns pontos...

International Review By on 82

Dell z pewnością przyłożył się do pracy i jego flagowa stacja robocza jest warta swojej wygórowanej ceny. Znajdziemy w niej wszystko, co jest nam potrzebne do szczęścia. Jeśli jednak czegoś zabraknie, na bank jest to opcjonalne i pojawi się po...

International Review By on

Что ж, Dell Precision M6700 однозначно произвел очень хорошее впечатление. Отыскать какие-либо недостатки нам не удалось, здесь есть только достоинства. Среди них отдельно можно выделить высокое качество дисплея, функциональную клавиатуру, надежный...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Indrukwekkend... punt.De Dell Precision M6700 is een meer dan geweldige laptop, met eigenlijk maar een bezwaar: hij is niet licht. We kunnen 4,1 kg ook gewoon zwaar noemen. De M6700 is dan ook vooral bedoeld als desktopvervanger.Dit is een laptop om...