Dell Precision M6800

  • Dell Precision M6800
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  • Case.
  • Upgrade options.
  • Assortment of port and positioning.


  • Weight.
  • Customization options for private users.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 80

The M6800 is impressive, but it's a niche product. Few employees will truly need the versatility and power offered by this machine, especially when it's this bulky and expensive. If you can justify investing in such a powerful notebook, it excels in...

By TrustedReviews on 80

The Precision M6800 has got it where it counts, including excellent performance, build quality and a top-notch screen. Yes, it's heavy and the battery life is nothing special, but it's a serious machine and it shows.

By PC Advisor on 80

Slim and sexy is good for travel and keeping up with the Joneses. But sometimes big and chunky is what's really needed to get the job done. And so it is in mobile workstations, where the sheer amount of componentry and connectivity required to replace a...

By NotebookCheck on 88

Dell Precision M6800 The Dell Precision M6800 is a step forward in the right direction: the case, keyboard and connectivity are very good and remain solid pros for this series. The upgrade and maintenance options, support and warranty packets as well as...

International Review By on 90

Dell Precision M6800 to nie laptop - to cud techniki. Tak - jest wielki, ciężki, a podróżowanie z nim nie jest dobrym pomysłem. Ale i tak jest łatwiejszy w transporcie od każdej stacjonarki. Jednak wszelkie te niedogodności w pełni rekompensuje nam jego...

International Review By on 79

Dell Precision M6800Dell Precision M6800 jest zasadniczo udanym następcą modelu M6700. Obudowa, klawiatura oraz wyposażenie w złącza są bardzo dobre i stanowią podstawę sukcesu tej serii. Podobać mogą się też opcje rozbudowy wyposażenia.Matryca FHD, w...

International Review By on 88

Upgradeable werkpaard. Deze grote 17 inch Dell workstation is goed uitgerust en biedt veel mogelijkheden om de configuratie naar wens aan te passen. Maar is dat voldoende om de concurrentie met de kleinere Dell Precision M4800 aan te...

International Review By Notebookcheck POR on 79

Máquina de Trabalho Atualizável. Esta grande estação de trabalho de 17-polegadas da Dell está bem equipada e oferece muito espaço para outras customizações. Mas será que isto é suficiente para competir com o menor Dell Precision M4800? Descubra em nossa...

International Review By Notebookcheck ES on 88

Máquina de trabajo actualizable. Esta gran estación de trabajo Dell de 17" está bien equipada y ofrece mucho espacio para la personalización. Pero ¿basta para competir con el Dell Precision M4800? Descúbrelo en nuestro análisis...

International Review By NotebookCheck IT on 88

Macchina da lavoro aggiornabile Questa workstation Dell da 17 pollici è ben equipaggiata ed offre molto spazio per ulteriori personalizzazioni. Sarà abbastanza per competere con il più piccolo Dell Precision M4800? Scopriamolo nella nostra...

International Review By NotebookCheck on 88

Ordinateur professionnel maintenable. Cette machine de travail 17 pouces conçue par Dell est plutôt bien équipé. Il offre en outre à l'utilisateur la possibilité de le personnaliser encore beaucoup plus. Mais est-ce suffisant pour rivaliser avec le Dell...

International Review By on 79

Dell Precision M6800 Das Dell Precision M6800 ist eine insgesamt gelungene Weiterentwicklung der Vorgänger. Gehäuse, Tastatur und Schnittstellenausstattung sind sehr gut und stellen nach wie vor eine solide Basis der Serie dar. Ebenso überzeugend sind...