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  • The Dell XPS 17 3D is a sharp-looking desktop replacement that can handle 3D content, as well as output 3D movies and games to a compatible 3DTV. Highly configurable, the more-expensive options are powerful indeed.
  • Great performance and a topnotch 3D experience. Highend feature bundle, just as you’d expect at this price level. One of the best LCDs on the planet.
  • Stereoscopic 3D capability works well, Audio quality is transparent and pleasing.


  • Some wonky stereoscopic 3D issues make this less plug-and-play than a 3DTV, and the 17-inch version of the XPS has not gotten the same slim makeover the 15-inch version has.
  • Gets moderately warm to the touch even under minimal load. Huge fan noise. Questionable keyboard design. Overloaded with Dell shovelware and an unnecessary quicklaunch system. Pricey. Awfully heavy.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Online Notebook on

Dell XPS 17 3D is an attractive looking desktop replacement that offers more expensive highly configurable options, 3D output for games and movies to compatible 3D television and can handle 3D content. It is an excellent choice for those who are...

By cnet on 81

Dell's XPS 17 3D is for those who want a powerful media and gaming 17-inch laptop, but in a more aesthetically upscale package than offered by Dell's Alienware brand. The stereoscopic 3D is gimmicky, but a certain breed of PC gamer will love...

By Wired on 70

Dell isn’t letting the 3-D craze go quietly into the night, and with its XPS 17 3D, there’s a case to be made that maybe it shouldn’t.Dell’s 17.3-inch, 1920 x 1080-pixel laptop is a beast of a machine, an 8.2-pound monster that...

By T3 Magazine on 60

Dell's topline XPS laptops are never going to have the same kudos impact as it's dedicated gaming laptops from Alienware, such as the Alienware M17x (read our review here) - even though some of the flagship XPS models are more expensive and with...

By TechRadar on 80

It's been quite a while since we've seen a new 17-inch laptop from Dell's XPS range, which is home to the company's multimedia machines. Dell hasn't been twiddling its thumbs, however, and this laptop boasts fantastic design, power...

By NotebookCheck on 83

The summary that we made in the last review for the XPS 17 can basically be repeated for the refresh. Among other things, the perfectly manufactured and high quality case would be mentioned on the pro side. It can score with resistant surfaces, good...

By LaptopMag on 70

Like its smaller brother, the XPS 15, the Dell XPS 17 3D delivers one of the richest multimedia experiences yet. Its bright and crisp display and excellent audio makes it a powerful system for those who want to play and watch content in 3D. However,...

By PCWorld on 90

Dell updates the XPS 17 with Intel's spiffy new Sandy Bridge CPU and stereoscopic 3D capability, but the latter is better for 3D Blu-ray than for gaming. Dell XPS 17 3D: Speedy, and in Stereo Dell XPS 17 3D Review, by Loyd Case February 23, 2011 It...

International Review By Komputer for Alle on 80

Sammen med computeren leveres et sæt 3D-briller og to Blu-ray-film, der kan bruges til at demonstrere 3D-visningen via det indbyggede Blu-ray-drev. Der er ingen tvivl om, at 3D-visningen er det mest spændende ved denne computer. De...

International Review By PC-tidningen on 80

Det följer med ett par 3d-glasögon och två Blu-ray­filmer som kan användas för att demonstrera 3d-effekter via den inbyggda Blu-ray­enheten. Det råder inget tvivel om att 3d-visningen är det som är mest...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Om eerlijk te zijn: we hadden hadden verwacht een 3D-laptop te ontvangen met een Blu-ray speler aan boord. Maar goed, daar heeft Dell niet voor gekozen. Wil je wel een Blu-ray speler hebben dan ben je € 100 extra kwijt. Maar als je het ons vraagt...

International Review By 01Net on 100

Ce Dell XPS 17 3D place la barre assez haut sur l'échelle du plaisir. Ce n'est pas une machine pour les gros joueurs – ces derniers sauront trouver leur bonheur au sein de la gamme Dell Alienware –, mais il fait tout de même...

International Review By Hardwareluxx on

Dells XPS 17 ist ein überzeugender Multimedia-Maxi mit satter Performance, einem tollen Display, der aber mit einer Schwachstelle zu kämpfen hat: der Lautstärke. Blickt man aktuell auf das Preisschild des XPS 17 könnte man meinen,...