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  • Innovative & interesting design, Perfect mouse especially for scrolling, 3D & multimedia usage, Flawless performance with revolutionary continuous scrolling, Support both vertical 7 horizontal scrolling, Wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz, User friendly GU
  • Very innovative design with infinite spinning/scrolling, Charging base doubles as USB receiver, Great build quality, overall feel, and Macinspired appearance, Silky smooth movement, Builtin rechargeable battery
  • Cool and innovative, Seems well made, Wireless, Includes carrying case, Includes different texture bases, Decent tracking on most surfaces


  • Longer learning curve; patient is required, Default right click can be further improved, Not retractable USB cable, Price
  • Only an optical (not laser) mouse, Potentially steep learning curve, “Squeeze” rightmouse button results in accidental clicks, Requires too much of a delicate touch, Somewhat expensive at MSRP US$100

Expert reviews and ratings

By Hardware Bistro on 100

Orbita mouse is one of the most innovative products that we have reviewed so far and honestly we have been searching a way to get this device for reviewing purpose and finally we get it. The result and performance of Orbita mouse is as good as we...

By Viperlair on

I freely admit that when I was asked to review this mouse, I wasnt expecting to write such a large review; larger than normal for a mouse yes, but there is just so much to talk about with the Orbita. Ive found plenty of different uses for the...

By Engadget on

Cyber Sport's Orbita Mouse doesn't want to be just another regular, boring mouse -- and its newness goes way beyond looks. We don't review too many mice around these parts, but this one seemed to call for some special attention, so we've...

By FutureLooks on 80

Who Would Want This Mouse It’s quite clear that the Orbita Mouse from Cyber E Sport was never really intended for mass market consumption. It’s going to be a device targeting a nice market and, as such, this may not necessarily be the...

By DragonSteelMods on 80

The Orbita mouse is a cool and innovative product that brings new life to the standard old mouse, it incorporates side buttons and a scroll feature thats rather cool. Sure its an innovative product but its something that is more of a niche item...

By SlashGear on

It may look like Apple’s ill-fated puck mouse, but the Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse is a whole lot cleverer under its silicone skin. Free-rotating for super convenient scrolling, the Orbita can be as simple as a new way to navigate webpages or as...

By TweakNews on

For those who spend their day scrolling through line after line of a spreadsheet or page after page of a document or website, the Orbita mouse can make life a whole lot easier. Rotating the entire mouse to scroll instead of using a wheel sounds...

By DigitalReviews on

The Orbita mouse. A mouse that lets you scroll through pages of information, or whatever else it is you need to do with an ordinary scroll wheel, without the hassle of moving your index finger (and instead moving your entire hand..) Read the full...

By on

In the end, the large surface areas of the buttons on the Orbita mouse were its main failings. It was too easy to unintentionally click on things and coupled with its below-par tracking, makes the Orbita Mouse a difficult product to recommend....

By PC Advisor on 70

The round Cyber E Sport Orbita mouse is a neat idea, let down by a twitchy right-click function set off by fingers in their natural rest position. Video editors, however, might find its ‘jog’ functionality impressive enough to outweigh other...

By Gizmodo on

This Orbita Mouse is basically like a Griffin PowerMate in mouse form. It turns, clicks and even right-clicks, but it takes a few minutes/hours of frustration to get used to. And, it's expensive—but it is unique. The Price $98.50 $70 on Newegg...

International Review By EffizienzGurus on

Cyber Sport hat es gewagt, gewinnen Sie nun? Bezüglich der technischen Umsetzung muss man Cyber Sport definitiv ein Lob aussprechenden. Sensor, Verarbeitung, Energieversorgung und die Funkverbindung befinden sich auf einem hohen technischen Niveau...

International Review By ComputerBase on

Gaming-Spezialist Cyber hat sich mit der Orbita an ein interessantes und Aufsehen erregendes, alternatives Mauskonzept gewagt und damit hohe Erwartungen geschürt, die leider aufgrund der teilweise mangelnden Umsetzung unterm Strich nicht erfüllt...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Ya advertimos que estábamos ante un producto especial, de esos que no suelen ser muy habituales. No deja de ser una vuelta de tuerca más a los ratones convencionales, esos periféricos que, hace poco, han tenido su aniversario y que, como...