Gigabyte Aivia Krypton gaming mouse

  • Gigabyte Aivia Krypton gaming mouse
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  • Excellent comfort.
  • Highly precise.
  • Great for Gaming or Work environments.


  • Pointless additional feet.
  • High price.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Overclock3D on 93

Blimey. If we can borrow a baseball metaphor then the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton has just come off the bench to have a pinch-hit, bases-clearing triple.The original Aivia had some excellent features at a decent price for a high-end wireless rodent, let...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

The Aivia Krypton mouse is a solid effort from Gigabyte that should appeal to casual to core gamers. We like its customisation, both physically and through software, but we think its overall feel could be a little better....

By FunkyIt on 82

However, if you do not value these features there are better mice out there for the price. I do have to applaud Gigabyte on the ability to change the base of a mouse since I have not seen that before.

By eTeknix on 95

It doesn’t matter if your a pro-gamer or just love playing games at home, if you’re looking for something that will give you the edge in your favourite titles, then you’re going to love the Krypton.

By eTeknix on -

It's been a while since we had a new Gigabyte Aivia peripheral to play with, not since the Aivia K8100 Keyboard at the start of this year and just over a year since our last Aivia mouse, the M8600. Both of them may have earned our eTeknix awards, but a...

By GadgetReview on 90

For the price you simply cannot do better than the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton 8200dpi laser gaming mouse. It’s comfort, stylish and brings new customization options to the playing field.

By APCMag on 80

That doesn’t entirely make up for the inflated price and extra pair of (soon to be discarded) feet begets, but if you’re willing to look past that issue -- or love the idea -- there’s a great upmarket mouse here.

By APC Magazine on 80

A well-designed input peripheral can be a thing of beauty -- the refined ergonomics of classier mice and keyboards self-evidently require endless thought and iteration. But the ‘extreme gaming’ market cares not for subtlety: when every vendor...

By HardwareCanucks on 90

Gigabyte hasn’t stopped there either since the Aivia Krypton includes a highly responsive 8200 dpi sensor and a robust software stack as well.

By Hardware Canucks on -

Gigabyte’s new Krypton mouse may be slightly expensive at $80 but it can be used by left or right handed gamers and includes an envious feature set. This goes hand in hand with the double sided Krypton gaming mouse pad that goes for $40 while...

By ProfesionalReview on 90

Su precio está al nivel del ratón y en tiendas online se puede encontrar desde los 57 € hasta los 63€. Si valoramos que el Gigabyte Krypton tiene un excelente confort y performance tiene una gran calidad/precio.

By Guru3D on 90

Fot that miney you receive a very complete and well designed gaming mouse with an exemplary software suite that goes along with it.

By PureOC on 100

If you're looking for a Great Gaming Mouse and pad combo that performs like advertised, The Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse and Pad from Gigabyte is the one to get and should be on everyone's short list.

By Bjorn3D on 95

The Aivia Krypton mouse has is not very cheap, but then again we’re not looking at a poor quality mouse with no features.

By LegitReviews on -

The Gigabyte Krypton mouse is a general purpose mouse that can be customized to just about anyone and any computing needs whether you are a hard core gamer, or someone who does a lot of computer aided design (CAD).

By on 100

The Gigabyte Aivia Krypton has put in a really good showing here at pcGameware over the last couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed reviewing this mouse. The mouse was really well presented and packaged and gave the feeling that you were opening a...

By HardwareSecrets on 100

The Krypton is a very complete mouse. With nine configurable functions, seventy programmable macros, up to 8,200 dpi, an ambidextrous body and switchable under plates, the peripheral caters to the needs of different players.

By TechPowerUp on 95

The fact that you can choose between the totally hard constant glide ceramic feet and the more conventional soft Teflon-based ones is superb; it allows you to trim the glide much better than anything else I have ever come across.

By techPowerUp! on 95

For a first go at making a high-end gaming mouse, the Gigabyte Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse is nothing less than spectacular. The sensor implementation is among the very best in the market; it has boat loads of features and a stable fast-to-use driver...

International Review By on 81

Oyunculara özel geliştirilen Aiva Krypton, sahip olduğu ergonomik tasarımıyla bu konuda başarı kaydediyor. Üzerinde yer alan ağırlık dağıtım düzeni, programlanabilir tuşları ve değiştirilebilir yüzey seçenekleri ile beğendiğimiz Aiva Krypton,...