Razer DeathAdder Mac Edition

  • Razer DeathAdder Mac Edition
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  • The only gaming grade mouse with OS X drivers, Ergonomic design with multiple buttons, Functional in both Windows and OS X.
  • High performance, great feel, excellent software drivers on XP, Vista and OS X, precise and fine to the touch.


  • Profile changing is impossible during play and cannot be changed without driver installation; no way to tell which profile is in use without drivers on-screen.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GamerWok on 76

Are you serious? Mac Gaming? That’s as ridiculous as casting Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern…wait. But yours truly is one of these rare breeds where gaming on a Mac is not that foreign (and Reynolds as GL isn’t too disconcerting...

By OCModShop on 80

As far as mouse features go, these are very basic for the PC, but is an awesome step forward from the typical standard one-button Mac mouse. The Razer DeathAdder is one of the coolest-looking mice you can use on your Mac, too. Youll have to do...

By Inside Mac Games on 90

Early in the fourth quarter of 2006, a joint venture between Microsoft and Razer bore fruit in the form of a pair of gaming mice. First came the Microsoft Habu, a mouse with Razer guts, Tron-inspired styling, and an "everything but the kitchen sink"...

By CNET Australia on 85

With StarCraft II and Diablo III on the horizon for OS X, and the benefits designers and video editors can gain from a highly responsive and accurate mouse, this is one device you should check out....

By Gizmodo on

You'll remember in my gaming gear Battlemodo that I slighted Razer's Lachesis mouse for its ergonomics and build quality. Thinking I might get along with a right-handed mouse better, Razer sent me the DeathAdder, which just dropped for...

By GWN on 95

Verdict: If theres any mouse a Mac gamer could dream of having, then the Deathadder is their dreams come...

International Review By Mac Life on 83

Der renommierte Hersteller Razer nimmt den Mac als Gaming-Plattform wahr und liefert mit der DeathAdder ein gelungenes Produkt ab. Die in der Redaktion absolvierten Testrunden unter Unreal Tournament 2004 und Photoshop bestand der Razer-Nager mit...

International Review By 01Net on

One frag left. A un frag de la victoire, la tension monte, mais le joueur entran sait, le sourire aux lvres, que ce nest quune formalit, parce quil tient, bien cale dans le creux de sa main, la BlackAdder de Razer, autant dire lune des sept...