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  • Nice, compact gaming mouse.
  • Budget gaming mouse.
  • Great for gaming.


  • Poor build quality.
  • Cost-cutting measures.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BCCHardware on

All in all, this is a very well designed mouse and ROCCAT really does know how to make their stuff, but I think $30 might be a little pricey for this mouse. The ambidextrous V-shape and comfort design works very well as does the smaller size. I do...

By on

We've been testing the LUA for almost a week now and we did so by using it with games like my favorite Planetside 2, the new Tomb Raider, Aliens Colonial Marines, MechWarrior Online Beta, Hawken and Battlefield 3 with not so much satisfactory results at...

By DigitalVersus on 60

The Roccat Lua lacks a few buttons and some driver functionality to compete with the best gaming mice. However, at this price point, the Lua is one of the best options out there for gamers, as the sensor keeps track of fast-action...

By MadShrimps on

Those which enjoy simple mice without a lot of extra buttons will, without a doubt have fun with the LUA. The mouse is light and does not have a large footprint, making it ideal for gamers or regular users which have small and medium-sized hands. The...

By Computer Shopper on 50

Where did all the buttons go, and why's it so small? As gaming mice go, the Lua is the barest of the bare-bones, standing out only for its inexpensive price....

By PC Mag on 80

The Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse is a basic mouse, with an ambidextrous design, solid performance, and little...

By Hi Tech Legion on

While testing the ROCCAT Lua, it was easy to tell that this is no ordinary gaming mouse. It has a simple ambidextrous design and uses high quality Omron switches. Considering that many people are still using generic OEM mice, this would be a major...

By PureOC on 90

Finally, to make things better, the Roccat Sense Chrome Mouse Pad gave us the extra smooth surface to be able to move more swiftly and with its larger surface space we limited our need to readjust our mouse.

By ThinkComputers on 80

Don’t get me wrong, my intention is not to discourage anyone from buying the Lua. I know there are a lot of classic shooter gamers out there that would have an orgasm over this mouse but I’ve found a more contemporary use for it.

By TweakTown on 91

The ROCCAT LUA is definitely a blast from the past. It has been quite a long time since I enjoyed any mouse without a back page button, and I don't mind using the LUA at all even without a major feature that I demand of mice that I purchase. What I...

By TechTipsnReview on 100

This mouse is great for gaming if you are look for a budget mouse. The materials used for this mouse are very good. The performance of this mouse as compared to its price is amazing.

By Back2Gaming on 80

If you were to ask us about how we feel about the Lua’s grip then we’ll honestly say we can freely palm or claw this mouse nicely and still feel really comfortable with it aside maybe from having a hard time trying to press the DPI switcher.

International Review By on

При обзоре игровых мышек очень часто находятся читатели которые соглашаются с удобством и функциональности такой периферии, но при этом пугаются высокой стоимости. Не все готовы отдавать за мышку под 3000 рублей. Сегодня мы рассмотрим доступную по...

International Review By on 80

Prix bas ne rime pas toujours avec mauvaise qualité, on en a la preuve avec la Roccat Lua. Avec ce mulot, le constructeur allemand nous démontre que faire une souris accessible à tout le monde est faisable. Les gauchers (ou les droitiers) ayant...

International Review By on

Tekkis võimalus Roccatilt saada ülevaate eesmärgil antud toode. Hetkel on see Roccati väikseim ja odavaim hiir. Hiire andmed inglise keeles: Spoiler Features PRO OPTIC (R2) SENSOR? from 250 to 2000 dpi, 7-steps AMBIDEXTROUS V-SHAPE for left- and...

International Review By on

По итогам тестирования ROCCAT Lua превзошла наши ожидания. С первого взгляда она показалась маленькой и невзрачной, мы даже не подозревал о её большом потенциале. Но по итогам тестов мышь можно отнести к разряду геймерских, так как она превосходно...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Pour 30 euros, la Lua est une bonne petite souris, très facilement transportable. On aurait toutefois apprécié trouver au moins deux boutons latéraux, utiles pour les jeux de tir à la première personne notamment. Mais, en l'état, on l'aime bien ce...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

S'il lui manque quelques boutons et un pilote plus complet pour se faire une place parmi les meilleures souris, dans sa gamme de prix, la Lua se place comme une référence pour les joueurs grâce à un capteur suffisamment véloce. LES NUMERIQUES ...

International Review By on

Roccat Lua se presenta como un ratón para jugar sencillo y de bajo coste. Menor, al menos, que las opciones más comunes en lo que se refiere a los ratones gaming , cuyos precios suelen ser bastante más altos. En este caso hablamos de 30 euros , una cifra...

International Review By on 80

Så er det tid til at kigge på en af ROCCAT's lidt mindre muse.ROCCAT's Lua er en noget mindre mus end hvad vi normalt har set fra ROCCAT, og henvender sig til personer med en mindre hånd eller til ens bærbare...