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By PC Authority on 60

Considering how long we stare at our displays all day, it's a little scary about how little thought we put into the long-term effect these screens have on our eyesight. Our vision is without doubt our most important sense, and yet most PC users pay...

By XSReviews on 70

After looking at a compact office monitor from BenQ last week, this week we're looking at something a little more high-end: the EW2775ZH. This 27-inch monitor boasts an AMVA panel at 1080p resolution, a fancier stand and a host of helpful features....

By Tracy and Matt's Blog on

This Benq EW2775 is a very standard looking full HD monitor, not 4k, a standard 1920 x 1080, a refresh rate of 60hz and a response time of 12ms. However, to separate if from the rest there is Brightness Intelligence Technology. This technology brightens...

International Review By GadgetSpeak on 76

It is 61x36x2cm and it has a stand that is 31x17cm in the shape of an upside down ‘T' so only the front 6.5cm is the full 31cm width. It raises the screen by 8.5cm from your desk; there is good back tilt and more front tilt than most units. No side to...

International Review By on

Up on the chopping block today is the BenQ EW2775ZH. The EW2775ZH is a monitor designed with Eye-Care in mind and as such features a Brightness Intelligence Technology. This technology will allow the user to click a button and it will adjust the...

International Review By on

The BenQ EW2775ZH is not a small monitor. At 27 inches, it dominates the desk that it's placed upon, bestowing its grandeur to the AMVA+ panel that it contains. Sporting a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, a native contrast ratio of 3000:1, though...

International Review By on

요즘 세대에는 지성을 갖추기 전부터 스마트폰이나 TV, 모니터같은 디스플레이를 접하는 시대다. 오래전 TV나 영화관에서만 디스플레이를 접하는것과 달리 어렸을때부터 모니터나 스마트폰같은것의 디스플레이를 접하고 커가면서 이제는 없어서는 안돼는 물건들이기에 어쩔수없이 거의 매일같이 디스플레이를 보고 사는 시대가 되버렸다.필자의 경우에도 기사 작성을 위해서는 하루종일 디스플레이를 쳐다 보아야하기때문에 어쩔수없이 눈이 매일같이 혹사당하고 있다.잠깐...

International Review By on

광시야각 AMVA+ 패널 & Full-HD(1920x1080) 해상도 BenQ EW2775ZH 아이케어 무결점 이번 리뷰는 BenQ의 2016년 4월 출시 제품인 27형(68.5cm) 모니터를 다루게 됩니다. '멀티미디어 & 시력 보호 특화' 를 내세우는 BenQ EW 시리즈의 신작이고 7.5mm 수준의 슬림 베젤이 적용된 27형 디스플레이를 통해 멀티 태스킹 & 화면 몰입도라는 이점을 기대할 수 있습니다. 화면을 표현하는 방식에는 BenQ 특유의...

International Review By on


International Review By on

BenQ可以說是螢幕市場中少見將「健康護眼」當作主力訴求的功能,自從推出「不閃屏」、「低藍光」等產品後,此次又加入新的護眼元素,EW2775ZH能透過螢幕下方前置的環境光感測器,智慧調控螢幕亮度與外部光源同步,環境光較暗則降低螢幕亮度不至於刺眼,而當環境光源變亮時,則自動微調亮度讓螢幕不至於過暗於環境光源。除此之外,還能針對電腦輸出的影像內容,自動調節影像亮部與暗部,讓亮部不過曝、暗部則細節清楚的影像,這也是筆者標題所下「裡應外合」的原因。當然,EW2775ZH除了「光智慧感應 /...