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By Expert Reviews on 40

It’s very cheap, but this screen's image quality isn’t up to scratch...

By PC Advisor on 80

At £195 the BenQ GW2750HM costs considerably less than what you would pay for most other display s of this size. See also: Group test: what's the best display? The BenQ GW2750HM certainly isn't going to win any design awards but it does have a trio...

By Macworld Australia on 80

BenQ's monitor weighs a reasonable 5.6kg and measures 48.9cm tall, 65.5cm wide and 19.1cm at the base. Offering 1920 x 1080 HD resolution at 16:9, the GW2750HM stamps its authority on an office environment.The monitor slips into a niche environment, as...

By TechRadar on 80

Apple has made IPS screen technology almost obligatory, so is there any point in the new BenQ GW2750HM monitor and its VA panel? VA technology is certainly an intriguing alternative and offers advantages over both IPS and cheap 'n' cheerful TN screens....

By XSReviews on

Overall, the BenQ was a moderately good monitor compared to other 27″ 1080p models that I’ve used. While out of the box it seemed poorly configured, after some tweaking it achieved excellent contrast ratios, decent colour accuracy and acceptable...

International Review By Alt om DATA on 90

Giver det i den sammenhæng mening at tilbyde en alternativ panelteknologi? Der er gode tekniske grunde til at give det en chance. Og det er netop, hvad BenQ har gjort med GW2750HM. Den har et panel af Vertical Alignment-typen...

International Review By on 87

BenQ GW2750HM 는... 항목(%는 가중치)간단 소감평점디스플레이(50%) 스펙에 준하는 휘도값과 명암비 셋팅 (우수한 암부 표현력) 표준 감마 2.2에 일치 하진 않지만 준수한 감마커브(감마 옵션 설정으로 표준 감마값으로 셋팅가능) sRGB 색재현율보다 과장된 색을 표현(Blue 영역)하여전문가 작업에는 부족할 수 있으나 일반인은 큰 단점을 느끼지 못할 수준,  표준 색온도(6500K)에 근접한 수준급의 색온도 셋팅과 우수한 계조...

International Review By on

В самом начале статьи мною не зря была упомянута большая схожесть двух моделей BenQ - GW2450HM и GW2750HM, отличающихся лишь диагональю экрана. Проводя их постоянное сравнение на протяжении всего обзора, я пришел к выводу, что по всей вероятности...

International Review By Prad on

In hochglänzender Klavierlack-Optik präsentiert BenQ den GW2750HM mit einer MVA-Panel-Technik, die BenQ als VA-LED-Technik bezeichnet. Mit der GW-Serie beschwört BenQ für den Heim- und Officebereich die Traumkombination aus LED-Backlight und...

International Review By on

Rev. BenQ GW-2750HM 디스플레이 측정 결과 펌웨어 버전업에 따른디스플레이 성능차이는 한 항목만 빼고, 제품 편차정도의 미비한 차이만 보여 주었습니다. 펌웨어 버전간 차이가 있는 부분은 응답속도 항목입니다.AMA 옵션을 Off  & High로 했을때,  GBG 구간에서 거의 2배에 가까운 응답속도 향상이 있었으며특히, AMA 옵션을 Premium  설정 했을때 4ms 대의 GTG 응답속도가 측정되어제품의 스펙에 걸맞는 인상적인 성능을...