Dell S2340L

  • Dell S2340L
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  • Small bezel.
  • Good color and contrast reproduction.
  • Great viewing angles.


  • Limited connectivity.
  • Stand does not rotate and is not height adjustable.

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The computer monitor market for a long time was limited to two options for most consumers. Either you could get an affordable screen with a TN panel, or an extremely expensive yet superior one with IPS panel. In recent years that huge pricing gap has...

By ITProPortal on 70

However, the Acer display is over £200 cheaper than the S2340T, a very substantial saving.

By The Inquirer on 80

COMPUTER MAKER Dell touts its S series lineup of LED backlit monitors as a range with "impressive screen performance" and "ultra-wide viewing in a modern design". Aimed at small businesses or personal use, the S series ranges in price from £150 to £250,...

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The monitor will always remain the main focal point of a PC, no matter if you're a casual user, die-hard overclocker or hardware enthusiast. It's the component you will be staring at the most. The market for computer screens became quite rich in 2012,...

By Tech2 on 70

Dell's S2340L is a 23" IPS panel that has been manufactured to compete with its rival brands. Some cost saving was done in the process, though when it came to the image quality, there was little in the way of compromise.

By PCPro on 60

A 23in, Full HD touchscreen to bring out the best of Windows 8, but it’s seriously flawed

International Review By on

After downsizing my work desk, the next thing I needed was to downsize my monitor too. For the last couple of years, I've been using a large display. A huge 27″ Samsung TV served as my monitor. It was spare set, so why not attach it to my computer? The...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Een monitor blijft het onderdeel van je computer waar je het meest tegenaan kijkt, zelfs als verwoede overklokker of hardware freak. Het beeldschermenaanbod is het laatste jaar een stuk gevarieerder geworden. Reden genoeg voor Hardware.Info om weer...

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И вновь, постараюсь кратко. С одной стороны, рассмотренный монитор Dell S2340L является прекрасной альтернативой уже существующим на рынке 23-дюймовым IPS решениям. Приятный, не побоюсь этого слова – хай-тек дизайн, глянцевая поверхность матрицы (и...