Dell U2312HM

  • Dell U2312HM
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  • Very low input lag, basically no lag at all.
  • Good panel uniformity from our sample (may vary).
  • Very good pixel responsiveness for gaming.


  • Lowest luminance setting is still quite high, may not be suitable for those in darker environments or who want a darker screen.
  • Dynamic contrast ratio does not work in practice.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on -

The computer monitor market for a long time was limited to two options for most consumers. Either you could get an affordable screen with a TN panel, or an extremely expensive yet superior one with IPS panel. In recent years that huge pricing gap has...

By on -

The monitor will always remain the main focal point of a PC, no matter if you're a casual user, die-hard overclocker or hardware enthusiast. It's the component you will be staring at the most. The market for computer screens became quite rich in 2012,...

By on 100

UltraSharp monitors are no stranger to PC&TA, but Dell has taken its 23in model back to the drawing board for 2012. Swapping the CCFL backlighting of its predecessor for power-efficient LED technology, the U2312HM has an IPS panel and a smart, adjustable...

By PC Pro on 100

With superb image quality, excellent build and a great warranty, Dell's UltraSharp U2312HM is as good as sub-£200 monitors...

By Hardware Canucks on -

In a market that’s riddled with cheap, low quality, yet budget friendly displays, we had almost given up trying to find a combination of price and performance in the sub-$300 price bracket. The U2312M however has proven to be an eye opener and it...

By TFTCentral on 80

It is still a considerable amount cheaper than some of the 24" IPS models, including Dell's own U2412M (£300) so if you don't mind sacrificing a little bit of screen real-estate and resolution this would be worth considering.

By FlatpanelsHD on -

On the outside 23” U2312HM looks like a 24” U2412M. The new softer look with rounded edges and great ergonomic functions is re-used and the 23” monitor boasts the same DVI, DisplayPort and D-SUB (VGA) inputs. But one thing is different; size. Even...

International Review By on 60

Ik heb deze monitor gekocht naar aanleiding van de best buy guide en de review die reeds was gemaakt van deze monitor. Ik vervang hiermee mijn DELL WFP2407, wat absoluut geen...

International Review By Hardware.Info on -

Een monitor blijft het onderdeel van je computer waar je het meest tegenaan kijkt, zelfs als verwoede overklokker of hardware freak. Het beeldschermenaanbod is het laatste jaar een stuk gevarieerder geworden. Reden genoeg voor Hardware.Info om weer...

International Review By on -

Der U2312HM besitzt ein helles und kontrastreiches Bild, allerdings ist die Ausleuchtung deutlich ungleichmäßiger als beim Asus PA238Q. Die mittlere Reaktionszeit des Dell liegt bei ordentlichen 22,6 Millisekunden (kein Overdrive im OSD), der U2312HM...

International Review By on 87

Im Dell UltraSharp U2312HM für rund 180 Euro arbeitet ein IPS-Panel - normalerweise zahlen Sie für einen Monitor mit dieser Technik deutlich mehr. Vorteil der IPS-Displays: Derartige Modelle zeichnen sich durch ein hohes...

International Review By on -

Вот и подошёл черед подводить итоги после тестирования будущего народного монитора. Я не зря называю его таковым, поскольку уверен, что его последует участь первенца Dell IPS 2209WA и прародителя в лице U2311. Рассмотренная модель продолжает эру LED с...

International Review By Prad on 80

Mit dem Ultrasharp U2312HM landete ein weiterer Vertreter aus Dells jüngst aktualisierter Business-Reihe in unserem Testlabor. Der große 24-zöllige Bruder U2412M wusste in unserem Test bereits zu überzeugen. Die hier getestete 23-Zoll-Variante...

International Review By FlatpanelsDK on -

På ydersiden ligner 23" U2312HM til forveksling den større 24" U2412M. Det nye blødere look med afrundede kanter og overbevisende ergonomiske indstillingsmuligheder er genbrugt på 23-tommer modellen, som også praler med samme DVI, DisplayPort og D-SUB...

International Review By on -

Monitory s e-IPS panely začínají doslova zaplavovat trh a my se proto dnes podíváme na zoubek jednomu takovému modelu od Dellu. Tento americký výrobce si v oblasti zobrazovací techniky získal poměrně solidní renomé. Většinou se však jednalo o dražší...