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Dell's highly acclaimed UltraSharp line goes Ultra HD with this 31.5" monitor. The UP3214Q features a 3840 x 2160 (140 PPI) display, 176-degree viewing angle with an adjustable stand, as well as HDMI, mini-DisplayPort, DisplayPort, four USB 3.0 ports and multifunction card reader connectivity.

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By TechSpot on 85

Although still in its early days, consumer 4K UHD is here. No stranger to the business of high-end displays, long-time monitor manufacturer Dell has lunged into the UHD market with some solid offerings. Today we'll be taking a look at Dell's monstrous 32-inch flagship, the UltraSharp UP3214Q.

By TrustedReviews on 90

Dell has set the standard for 4K monitors again and the size is perfect for high-resolution workflows.

By PC Mag on 80

The Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q is an enormous (and enormously expensive) 32-inch Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) monitor that delivers exquisite 4K image detail, along with very accurate...

By AnandTech on -

The combination of these issues leads me to want to wait for UltraHD displays until all the pieces are in place. Unless the resolution is essential to you, there are simply too many potential issues right now. The Dell UP3214Q is a beautiful display, but unfortunately it's also temperamental and is not plug-and-play at this point.

By PC Advisor on 80

Designers and graphic artists love big screens, with all their many palettes and menus jostling for valuable screen space. With its 31.5in widescreen display and Ultra HD 4K resolution, Dell's UP3241Q is therefore an attractive proposition and also a...

By Tom's Hardware on -

If you've made it this far, it should be fairly obvious that Dell delivers a winning product in its UP3214Q. Yes, the price of admission is substantial, but this is a bleeding-edge product that performs far better than most first-gen technology. If you...

By HotHardware on -

Once you experience a 4K monitor, it's terribly difficult returning to a pedestrian 1080p display, or even a 2560x1600 monitor, especially when you play around with one that performs as well as the Dell UP3214Q. Unlike some earlier (and lower...

By DigitalVersus on 100

With its wide-gamut colour space, the Dell UP3214Q is first and foremost aimed at imaging professionals. On top of that, this model is proof that Dell is capable of making some very good-quality top-of-the-range displays. The in-factory calibration...

By TFTCentral on 85

If you're looking for a 4k res screen at a lower cost we will see an influx of TN Film based models (like the Dell P2815Q for instance) later this year but it will lack most of the advanced features offered here. If you are looking for a high end screen with 4k support then the UP3214Q is certainly a very good option and an attractive option compared with its competitors.

International Review By on -

Всего два года назад Sony выпустила первый в истории 4К-телевизор, представлявший собой 84-дюймовую панель, которую можно было приобрести за $25000 (кстати, цена на неё не изменилась и сейчас). Реализация подобных характеристик в компьютерных мониторах...

International Review By on -

Mens bærbare datamaskiner og mobile enheter stadig vekk blir bortskjemt med høyere oppløsning, har brukerne av stasjonære datamaskiner lenge følt seg litt oversett på skjermfronten. Entusiaster og bedrifter har måtte nøye seg med 2560 x 1440 på 27 tommer...

International Review By on -

Trykk deg videre for å lese om bildekvalitet og bruk...

International Review By Ere Numérique on 75

L'écran Dell UP3214Q est le second moniteur 4k à nous parvenir, après un Asus particulièrement réussi. Alors que les téléviseurs cherchent à descendre en gamme par tous les moyens, les moniteurs basés sur la dalle Sharp IGZO restent à des prix...

International Review By Les Numériques on 100

Avant tout destiné aux professionnels de l'image avec sa compatibilité Gamut étendu, le Dell UP3214Q est un produit qui démontre le savoir-faire de la marque quand il s'agit de proposer du très haut de gamme. Le calibrage d'usine tout à fait correct et...

International Review By Digital Life on 80

U nder förra hösten testade vi en hel del 4K-tv-apparater, men då det högupplösta materialet lyser med sin frånvaro har det varit svårt att motivera ett köp. När det kommer till datorskärmar är användningsområdena desto...

International Review By DinSide Data on 100

Høyoppløselige skjermer finnes det millioner av, men de er for det meste i lommeformat. Mobiler og nettbrett har hatt høy oppløsning lenge, helt siden Apple lanserte retina-skjerm med iPhone 4 i 2010 . Nå har andre produsenter laget mobilskjermer med...

International Review By TechSweden on 85

Högupplösta skärmar har på sistone uppmärksammats allt mer. Upplösningen 4K är den senaste snackisen och Dells högupplösta skärm UP3214Q är näst ut i labbet. Inledning...