• HP 2311GT
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  • DVI, VGA and HDMI inputs, Understated, lowkey design, Convincing 3D performance
  • Reasonably priced, Good color and 3D performance, Two sets of 3D glasses included.
  • Excellent allround picture quality; backports are easy to reach; affordable for 3D display.


  • Horizontal stripes from polarizing filter, Greenish tint out of the box, Average brightness diminished by 3D glasses, Not many settings to tweak
  • Narrow viewing angles, 2D-3D conversion not very convincing, Weak light grayscale performance.

Expert reviews and ratings

By uk.hardware.info on

If you enjoy playing shooters, you care less about perfect colour rendering or energy-efficiency and more about fast response times without blurring and ghosting. Hardware.Info asked 14 manufacturers to send their best gaming monitors, and in the end...

By Tom's Hardware UK on

HP sent us its newest stereoscopic 3D-capable monitor, the 2311 gt. Aimed at budget-conscious customers, we take our first look at a passive, polarized monitor based on FPR technology and put it up against a more expensive, active, shutter-based...

By Digital Trends on 60

As a 2D display, the HP 2311gt just looks kind of dull. Not irredeemably so, but the fact remains that you can get a better looking monitor for less if you're not totally sold on the whole 3D thing. Its passive 3D mode goes a long way in improving...

By GadgetReview on 70

Buy an excellent 1080 LED monitor and get a solid entry level 3D display to boot. Pros Excellent...

By IT Pro Portal on 60

The HP 2311gt offers an affordable way to bring 3D to your desktop. Good colour and "true" 3D quality are this 23in monitor's high points, but its narrow viewing angles and inability to display light greys hold it back. Pros: Reasonably priced....

By PC Mag on 60

The HP 2311gt is an affordable 23-inch monitor with 3D capabilities. Its color quality and 3D depth are quite good but it has trouble displaying very light grays and the picture loses its luster when viewed from an angle. ...

By CNET Australia on 60

The HP 2311gt is a fairly cheap way to get decent 3D on a monitor. It's also capable for general-purpose use, with useful connections and OSD...

By tbreak.ae on 80

At $300, the HP 2311gt is a fantastic value-for-the-buck small screen 3D solution. However, the display’s average 3D performance and its lack of hardware-based 3D support mar an overall excellent package. As a 2D monitor, the HP 2311gt is near damn...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Wie snelle shooters speelt, maalt minder om optimale kleurweergave of het laagste stroomverbruik. Alles draait om zo snel mogelijke weergave van de actuele spelsituatie, zonder vervagings- of na-ijleffecten. Hardware.Info vroeg bij 14 fabrikanten...

International Review By 01Net on 40

Ce premier moniteur 3D de HP souffre d’une luminosité trop faible pour offrir une 3D vraiment confortable. Son taux de contraste n’est aussi inférieur à la moyenne des dalles TN. Son rendu d’image reste pourtant fidèle par défaut, mais les amateurs...

International Review By pcworld.pl on 70

HP 2311gt po procesie kalibracji, oferował już znacznie bardziej naturalne kolory. Udało nam się uzyskać w miarę rozsądne zrównoważenie koloru zielonego i niebieskiego, niestety czerwony jest praktycznie nie do opanowania przy tak ograniczonych...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Niet alleen bij televisies maar ook bij monitoren begint de passieve 3D technologie langzaam op te komen. Het fenomeen ‘3D monitor’ staat de laatste jaren eigenlijk synoniem voor schermen die gebruikmaken van nVidia’s 3D Vision technologie en 3D...

International Review By computertotaal.nl on 70

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