Samsung FX2490HD

  • Samsung FX2490HD
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  • Stylish design. Good text and HD image quality. Relatively affordable.
  • Very modern, Vast array of inputs actually makes it pretty versatile for it's small size!, Excellent display quality and performance, It's TV side gives it plenty of inputs and a feature filled menu for customization and setup.
  • The Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD has an impressive number of connection options, built-in speakers, and a remote control, with great movie and game performance. It also has a couple of design flourishes that contribute to not only its aesthetic appeal.


  • Lacks DVI port. Uneven backlighitng. Oversaturated colors.
  • No VESA mounting capabilities

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 80

The LED-based SyncMaster FX2490HD is a flexible screen that excels at both work and play. It is reasonably priced as well....

By on 60

The FX2490HD left us with the feeling that it's trying rather hard to be a multipurpose wonder-display. Certainly it packs in heaps of connectors - but we have to question how many people in the UK have any use for a Common Interface slot. The...

By TechReviewSource on 70

3.50 If you've only got room for a or a small HDTV, but not both, the Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD ($369.99 street) has you covered. This 24-inch hybrid display is designed for the desktop but is slim enough to fit on a kitchen counter or a...

By PC Mag on 70

Part desktop display and part HDTV, the Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD is an attractive 24-inch hybrid monitor that won't break the bank. Geared towards users with space constraints, it delivers good HD imagery and sharp text, but it has tinting and...

By DreamWare Computers on

To wrap things up, I went price hunting for the FX2490HD. I was able to find this display for around $379CDN from NCIX. What really shocked me was that my XL2370 23" LED monitor was only $50 cheaper! For the small difference of $50, not only does the...

By DigitalVersus on 80

If you stick to using it as a TV, then the FX2490HD is definitely one to beat. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn't been careful enough with its colour reproduction for it to get a five-star...

By Hardware Canucks on

Samsung has a longstanding history of delivering excellent products and in our opinion the FX2490HD continues this tradition by adding in a healthy dose of innovation. Hybrid monitor / HDTV units have been introduced before with varying degrees of...

By Expert Reviews on 40

Contrary to Samsung's claim, this is primarily an HD TV, rather than a monitor. With overblown colours and processing, images look far from natural. It's also far too expensive....

By TechRadar on 70

PC monitor and HDTV technology have been converging in recent years. The new Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD takes that trend to its logic conclusion. Superficially, it's a pretty ordinary 24-inch PC monitor, albeit a snazzy-looking example with an LED...

By cnet on 78

The Samsung SyncMaster FX2490HD is a 24-inch HDTV doubling as a monitor for a low...

International Review By Les Numériques on 80

Si l'on s'en tient à ses fonctions TV, le FX2490HD est incontestablement une référence. Malheureusement, Samsung a trop négligé le rendu des couleurs pour lui permettre d'accéder aux 5...