• Asus Z87-Plus
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  • Reasonably priced.
  • Versatile video connectors.
  • Two PCI slots.


  • Fewer SATA ports than pricier boards.
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Computer Shopper on 80

Ports and slots galore: The Asus Z87-Plus offers plenty for upgraders and builders planning a Haswell power PC, especially given its price....

By Overclockers Club on -

Honestly with this review I was most excited to just have a home for my newly purchased 4770K to sit. I was skeptical at first with the Z87-Plus being one of ASUS' lower end boards and didn't get my hopes up early. However, I was ultimately impressed by...

By uk.hardware.info on -

On 1 June 2013, Intel introduced the fourth generation of its Core processors , also known as Haswell. That day we published a group test of 33 motherboards, but as the prices weren't known at the time, it wasn't possible to draw accurate conclusions...

By uk.hardware.info on -

Today Intel introduced the fourth generation of its Core processors , also known as Haswell. The desktop processors in the Haswell generation use a different type of processor socket, called Socket 1150. That means if you want to use one of the new...

By AnandTech on -

With time quickly approaching the launch of Haswell, leaks on both motherboards and CPU performance are coming out of the woodworks. Similar to our advance Ivy Bridge coverage, here is a current roundup of everything we were allowed to show or is...

International Review By i2hard.ru on -

За время тестирования материнская плата ASUS Z87-Plus показала себя с хорошей стороны. Богатые настройки биос дают пользователю возможность управлять мельчайшими настройками системы. Высококачественные используемые компоненты и усиленная система питания...

International Review By hwlegend.com on -

La recente introduzione di una nuova linea di PCH da parte di Intel, con la quarta generazione di processori “Haswell”, ha portato ad un fermento nel mercato delle schede madri. A tal proposito, non potevano mancare le proposte di ASUS. L’azienda...

International Review By ixbt.com on -

Плата Asus Z87-Plus формально не относится ни к оверклокерской, ни к игровой серии. Более того, она вообще не является топовым решением компании. Как следствие, на плате минимум избыточности (лишь дополнительный USB-хаб и SATA-контроллер) и она имеет...

International Review By Hardware.Info on -

Op 1 juni 2013 introduceerde Intel haar vierde generatie Core-processors, codenaam Haswell. Op diezelfde dag publiceerden we direct een vergelijkingstest van 33 moederborden, maar omdat op dat moment de meeste prijzen nog niet bekend waren, konden we...

International Review By overclockers.ru on -

Материнская плата ASUS Z87-PLUS оставила после себя благоприятное впечатление: она не доставила особых проблем с разгоном, предсказуемость наблюдается как при разгоне базовой частоты, так и при разгоне памяти/процессора/CPU Cache, к температурному...

International Review By Hardware.Info on -

Intel heeft vandaag naar nieuwste generatie processors geïntroduceerd, de 4de generatie Core-processors, bij liefhebbers inmiddels beter bekend onder codenaam Haswell. De desktop processors uit de Haswell generatie maken gebruik van een nieuwe...