ECS Elitegroup H61H2-M

  • ECS Elitegroup H61H2-M
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  • Competitive performance, USB 3.0 ports, Small form factor, 4 DIMM Slots.


  • No HDMI out port.

Expert reviews and ratings

By VR-Zone on 85

First, the good news. The performance difference between H61 and H67 is very minimal, even negligible in many cases. H61 also works just as well with a discrete graphics solution. You are getting the same cake, albeit with less frosting and no...

By on 90

Since the launch of the budget Intel H61 platform for the Sandy Bridge processors, I was wondering when the Micro-ATX motherboards will start shipping. After the recently reviewed ECS H61H2-A motherboard, which had pretty decent performance for its...