Microsoft Zune 3G 120GB

  • Microsoft Zune 3G 120GB
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  • WiFi allows users to easily access and share music in several different ways.
  • Intuitive interface and controls.
  • Wireless browsing.


  • All the special features are directed at the music capacity.
  • We wish there were more movie features.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TopTenREVIEWS on 88

The Zune 120 is focused on music, but it still provides an excellent hand-held movie...

By OSNews on, home of many digital media players, sent in the Zune 120 GB for a spin. In the eve of the upcoming Zune HD release, how do these players stack up against the iPod? Read on to find out.The Zune package comes with a USB cable and earbuds. It...

By Bityard on

The saying goes “When Microsoft wants something, it always wins”. The Zune 120 is a realization of this quest. In this review, we take a close look at the Zune from a technical and business point of view. The Zune could be in its third...

By PCWorld on 80

Diminutive flash-based MP3 players may have a physical advantage, but they dont address the needs of users who prefer to carry their entire music and media library on one device. Microsofts latest hard-drive-based Zune player, the Zune 120GB,...

By Electronicsme on 84

The Zune's large hard drive, top-notch FM tuner and large display offers a great value for the money. At around $250 the Zune competes with Apple's iPod classic but offers a larger screen and additional features. The Zune's playback...

By Digital Trends on 80

Microsoft’s fabled Zune line has done a lot of growing up over the years. From the first-gen 30GB player that we scorned back in 2006 to the 8GB model we warmed up to in 2007, Microsoft has continually been fine tuning its line of media players to...

By Just Another Mobile Monday on

I was really impressed by the Zune 120. It features a fantastic interface, which has been significantly improved with the upgraded touch controls. Video playback quality could have been better, but I thought it was good enough for the format. I do...

By SmartComputing on

Microsoft recently released the Zune16 (a flash drive-based media player) and Zune120 (a larger, hard drive-based player). The newest DAPs (digital audio players) from Microsoft offer more storage space (16GB and 120GB, respectively) than previous...

By TechReviewSource on 80

In today's world, almost everyone has an Apple iPod, but some of those users are slowly switching to Microsoft's Zune instead. They are mostly doing it to make the usage of Windows Vista more seamless with their MP3 player. With an iPod, you...

By LaptopMag on 80

The new Zune can’t beat the iPod classic’s battery life or game support, but it does have a better screen, useful music-discovery features, and wireless. Ultimately, the 120GB Microsoft Zune is an excellent iPod classic alternative and gives...

By PC Mag on

REVIEW Question: Whats the difference between last years Zune 80GB, loaded with Microsofts new free firmware, and this years Zune 120GB? Answer: 40 gigabytes. Oh, and a glossy-black finish. Otherwise, the "new" $249.99 Zune is identical to its...

By on 80

The Zune 120, with a unique focus on music discovery, is a fierce competitor to the iPod Classic. The Zunes substantial storage capacity combined with its Zune Pass music subscription makes it an ideal solution for restless music fans with large...

By Anything But iPod on

The back black finish is a semi-gloss finish coating the same metal back plate found on the other Zunes. This finish is a very rugged and didn’t show scratches by sliding it many times across a flat surface. I’m not saying that it...

International Review By Blogue de Geek on 90

Vous savez déjà que j’aime beaucoup le Zune de Microsoft et qu’il est au même niveau que les iPods d’Apple à mon avis. Cette mise-à-jour à 120Go et bienvenue et les nouvelles fonctionnalités sont aussi très importantes parce que...