Olympus LS-7 PCM Pocket Recorder

  • Olympus LS-7 PCM Pocket Recorder
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  • Used a standard cable.
  • Sounds pretty good and is fairly easy to operate.


  • Apple got one thing right with their iPod interface and that was reducing the amount of buttons.
  • Itís not difficult to use, but it feels like they could reduce the amount of buttons and still have the same amount of functions.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Pro Sound Network on

While the size of portable recorders continues to shrink, they continue to increase in power. The 24-Bit Olympus LS-7 is no exception, as this pocket-sized mini recorder provides linear PCM recording at up to 96 kHz and can easily fit in a shirt...

By Gear Diary on

I am unique in how I started blogging. I started audio blogging or podcasting far before I started writing gadget reviews and posts here on Gear Diary. So, the first thing I always seem to look at when doing gadget reviews is a way to capture...

By MyMac on 90

The Olympus LS-7 is compact, versatile, likely to provide what most demanding users need, and capable of high-quality and high capacity sound recording. It is a specialist product in that, for casual use, there are cheaper, simpler devices available....