• Pioneer XMp3
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  • Excellent reception, Simultaneous five-channel recording, MicroSD/microSDHC Card slot, Easy to use interface
  • Good sound; bright screen; MicroSD expansion slot; well-designed navigation; lots of included accessories; removable battery
  • Records up to five satellite radio stations simultaneously. Pauses live radio. Features a timed-record option for favorite programs. Also plays MP3s and WMAs.


  • Doesn’t support album art, No Mac support
  • Poor battery life while receiving XM; spotty service; no video support; MP3 player is slow to respond to input and doesn’t display album art; half of 2GB internal storage not available for MP3s

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By Dev Hardware on

An XM subscription is obviously something that needs to be considered when purchasing this device. A subscription costs $12.99 a month, but various discounts are available. For example, if you own more than one radio, the second radios...

By Gadgetell on

This is a guest post by Merlyn Akhtar. Merlyn Akhtar is a tech-savvy person who isnt afraid to get her hands dirty with hardware. One of the first upgrades she performed was installing a 2X CD-ROM drive in a PC in her early teens back when...

By LaptopMag on 80

If youve been waiting to partake of the portable satellite radio experience, this is the player to getat least until the hybrid players come along that will enable users to cherry-pick channels from both XM and Sirius. Until...

By Computer Shopper on 72

it made portable, pocketable XM satellite radio a palatable experience, with decent reception, excellent recording capabilities, and 1GB of onboard storage. Pioneers XMP3...

By PC Mag on 70

Though limited in terms of file support and storage, the XMp3 is a great gadget for recording XM Satellite radio content and taking your subscription on the...