Sony NWZ-B135F

  • Sony NWZ-B135F
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  • The Sony B-Series Walkman offers an ultracompact design, an FM tuner and voice recorder, and a handy quick charge feature. Its inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors, and sounds good. Works with both Windows and Mac.


  • The Sony B-Series Walkmans rated battery life is unimpressive and the display is tiny.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Electronicsme on 96

All-in-all, an excellent offering from Sony. They pioneered the personal portable audio device and they continue to live up to the excellent reputation earned by the Walkman brand. The NWZB135F is a very usable device, fits in any pocket, and the...

By RegHardware on 70

A tough call. The Sony sounds the better of the two players and is easier to control, but is more expensive and comes with less storage. The Samsung has by far the better screen, plays Ogg files and is the more visually attractive. So it's the...

By cnet on 65

The entry-level Sony B-Series Walkman is a solid choice for the gym thanks to its ultracompact design, quick charge function, and integrated FM tuner--but beware the eye strain. Specifications: Device type: Digital player / radio; Flash memory...