Sony NWZ-S730F

  • Sony NWZ-S730F
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  • Attractive, wellbuilt design, Simple but powerful interface in most areas, Outstanding battery life for music and video, Relatively good earbuds, Platformindependent; many apps, OSes work in some form, Podcast and SensMe are valuable new features, F...


  • Still no fast scroll; same old Walkman interface.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Electronista on 80

The S730 comes across as the culmination of a long, hard road for Sony. In the space of a few years, the company has gone from forcing ATRAC and SonicStage on customers in awkward devices (including MiniDisc players) to recognizing that its customers...

International Review By DinSide Data on 83

retelefoner med støyreduksjon som fungerer koster vanligvis mer enn hele pakka her med både spiller og øreplugger. Lover Sony mer enn de klarer å holde? Nei, det gjør de ikke. ble kronet med en sekser på terningen da vi testet spilleren for ett år...