XM-I X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player

  • XM-I X-Mini Happy Speaker MP3 player
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  • Compact in size.
  • Loud volume.
  • Strong Bass.


  • Music plays randomly.
  • Loudest volume level whenever it’s turned on.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Craving Tech on

X-mini HAPPY definitely takes the X-mini speakers family to a new level with its own built-in mp3 player and the support of using an SD card to store the music files. This means you can countlessly put all of your music collection through multiple SD...

By TechCentral on 80

All in all, the X-Mini Happy is a fun-sized little speaker that delivers as promised. It's a pleasant surprise to find a speaker of such a small size being able to deliver big tunes in ways we did not imagine before. Better still, having a built-in...

By cnet on 83

The X-Mini Happy is a great little speaker that offers a creative all-in-one solution with an integrated MP3 player and a cable for attaching external audio sources. If you want to share music on the go, this is a great option. Read full review See...

International Review By Digital Living on 67

Der mobile Lautsprecher ist mobil und laut. Ausserdem ist er auch ein MP3-Player. Digital Living hat ihn getestet.Der X-mini Happy von XMI ist ein kleiner Lautsprecher, der auch als MP3-Player genutzt werden kann. Im eingefahrenen Zustand hat er etwa...

International Review By CNET.de on 83

Der X-Mini Happy Capsule Speaker ist ein großartiger mobiler Lautsprecher, der Musik wahlweise vom integrierten MP3-Player oder von iPod & Co. abspielt. Wer im Stadtpark, am See oder im Hotelzimmer schnell für musikalische Unterhaltung sorgen...