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By Gaming Nexus on 80

I've never been a fan of the real-time-strategy genre. I find the pointer-based controls to be clunky and counter-intuitive, so I never went so far as developing my maco. Even more, I just don't like the idea of sending dozens of adorable little...

By DarkZero on 60

After developing a few interesting and mechanically varied real-time strategy (RTS) games, such as Grey Goo and Universe at War , 8-Bit Armies is a back to basic approach for the RTS studio Petroglyph. It's a throwback to the history of some of the...

By on

One of the major problems with the real time strategy genre is the relatively high barrier to entry. Despite single-player campaigns generally working like protracted tutorials, they tend to focus on a particular game's gimmicks and are woefully...