A Valley Without Wind 2

  • A Valley Without Wind 2
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  • Unique blend of action and strategy.
  • Engaging campaign.
  • Responsive controls.


  • Limited enemy and environmental variety.
  • Hopeless map interface makes strategic play infuriating

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpot on 80

The result is welcome proof that there's room for innovation, even when games are covering familiar ground. Just keep in mind that you may not want to stop playing until you've destroyed every last generator and finally ensured that the valley once again lives up to its name.

By KokuGamer on 95

Despite the bad conveyance problem A Valley Without Wind is a very original game and every PC gamer should play it and experience the magic.

By GameSpot on 80

A Valley Without Wind 2 blends old with old to make something new and...

By CalmDownTom on

Full of great ideas and potential, A Valley Without Wind 2 even includes a good story and a brilliant soundtrack to try to capture your heart. Sadly, on closer inspection its too ugly and rough for anyone to love.

By Co-Optimus on 80

A Valley Without Wind 2 is the perfect example of how to stick with your IP and make it work. More sequels could do with the level of inspiration that went into this game, and being able to satisfy both newcomers and fans of the previous release is something of a minor miracle.

By InVisionCommunity on 80

Sure, 1 isn’t the great, but if you play 1 first then you’ll appreciate the second instalment a whole lot more. £9.49 is worth it for A Valley Without Wind 2 by itself, A Valley Without Wind is just thrown in there as a good will gesture. But this game, it’s damn good.

By ProvenGamer on 60

It's a platformer with mediocre platforming, and a strategy game with poorly explained rules. But put both of them together and crank up the soundtrack, and you have a game just endearing and different enough to want to see to the end.

By ImpactGaming on 50

There are a variety of mechanics that are just frustrating. Ultimately it feels as if A Valley Without Wind 2 was trying to simply blend way too many elements of different genres together and came out with a disappointly mediocre experience in all the genres, averaging out to a mediocre game.

By PixelPerfectGaming on 80

A Valley Without Wind 2 gives you the best of both worlds and it’s unlike anything I have ever played before. You will never look at strategy games the same way again once you experience this unique adventure.

By DealSpwn on 50

Some interesting new concepts are overshadowed by frustrating platforming, clumsy strategy and bare-bones storytelling, resulting in little more than a niche curiosity that desperately needs further refinement.