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  • Foreboding atmosphere, Interesting story, Puzzles and quicktime events create diversity.


  • Clunky melee combat, Boring, linear introduction, Stilted voice acting.

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When you look at post-apocalyptic real-world settings, there are a few ways that a game can be built up. For example, within the confines of nuclear war creating an irradiated wasteland, we can look at the Fallout s and Metro 2033 (both of which are...

By IGN Gear on 45

You need a clear, unified vision to shape a game into something that makes sense and compels the player to see it through to the end But scares and gameplay in Afterfall fall flat as scene after scene repeat the same notes, turning what could have...

By Gamers Daily News on 30

Afterfall: Insanity is full of bugs, plays like snail, and is an affront to all of my senses. Furthermore, it has one of the most confusing story lines that I have ever seen. There is actually a whole lot more about this game that I wanted rant about,...

By GameSpot on 60

Tom Mc Shea and Dr. Tokaj escape a foreboding fallout shelter in this video review for Afterfall: Insanity....

By GamingShogun on -

Afterfall: inSanity is the a “what if” story that takes a moment in time where things really could have taken a different turn and changes everything we know today. During World War 2, right before the Nazis are at the point of defeat,...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 28

I remember seeing the video promoting Afterfall: InSanity. It was even on the front page of Reddit not too long ago. I was slightly intrigued by the idea of paying a dollar for a full game, as apparently were quite a few others for it to have reached...

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