Alone in the Dark

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  • Good storyline.
  • Looks amazing.
  • Atmospheric at most times.


  • Terrible control scheme.
  • Pace is really broken.

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By BrightHub on 80

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By on 60

Often eclipsed by the ultimately more successful Resident Evil games, it was actually Alone in the Dark that kickstarted the whole survival horror genre when the first game in the series was released for the PC back more than 15 years ago. Several...

By IT Reviews on

Flashes of brilliance, flashes of frustration. Its nice to see Alone In The Dark back, but itll have to do better to compete in the modern world. Atari - Alone In The Dark price Buy Alone In The Dark securely online at a bargain price £29.99 inc....

By Expert Reviews on 40

Horrific, but not in the right way. A great concept buried in a mire of mediocrity. Alone in the Dark invented the survival horror genre back in 1992, and this remake tries to tap into the mix of great gameplay and terrifying action that made the...

By Expert Reviews on 60

High-quality PC horror games have been thin on the ground of late. Sadly, while Alone in the Darks fright-fest is often highly cinematic and at times genuinely terrifying, it possesses far too many irritating shortfalls to be considered an...

By Sydney Morning Herald on 40

Although some games are desperate to please and entertain, Alone in the Dark is determined to aggravate. For every wondrous innovation or thrilling sequence, there is another that is baffling, frustrating or just poorly designed. Considering 1992s...

By Tech2 on 60

With four games prior to this one and one incredibly bad flick based on it, the Alone in the Dark franchise has been around long enough to see a good number of ups and downs. The latest addition to the series – simply named Alone in the...

By Games Radar on 30

An implacable evil has invaded the world. It attacks indiscriminately, it can’t be reasoned with, and it won’t stop until it has completely obliterated a perfectly good genre. It comes in a little Games for Windows box and it’s called...

By VideoGamer on 60

Some great puzzles, Impressive fire technology, Realtime inventory is awkward, Terrible...

By NowGamer on 61

Great environmental puzzles and a chilling soundtrack are sadly let down by a poor port with dodgy controls. 6.1/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report...

International Review By Komputer for Alle on 50

Alone in the Dark har ikke noget tal tilføjet titlen, men det er faktisk femmeren i en serie af gyserspil, der efterhånden har 16 år på bagen.Spillet foregår i Central Park i New York, der vist aldrig før har virket så...

International Review By Digitale-Generation on 82

Alone in the Dark ist trotz einiger Mankos bei Steuerung und Synchronisation seinen Wurzeln treu geblieben und ein geradezu faszinierendes Horroradventure. Das Einsetzen und Kombinieren der Gegenstände ist innovativ und sollte auch bei anderen...

International Review By on 70

Große war der Hype um das Spiel und genauso groß war auch unsere Enttäuschung über dieses halbgare Action-Adventure.So viele gute Ideen und Ansätze findet man im fünften Teil von Alone in the Dark, doch leider werden diese...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

1992 släpptes det första Alone in the dark och spelet bröt ny mark på flera sätt, bland annat genom att ha 3D-grafik i ett skräckspel. Alone in the dark 2 och 3 fortsatte på samma spår men sedan somnade serien av en tid. Ett fjärde spel kom 2001 men...