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By on 80

The Angry Birds were impossible to shift from their nests at the summit of app store charts the world over several years ago, but after teaming up with the likes of Star Wars, Rio and Transformers, the games soon settled into relying on regular cash-ins...

By Android Authority on

The very first Angry Birds game was launched in December 2009. Since then, it has collected over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store and currently holds almost 3 million 5-star reviews. This application is off the charts and continues to be...

By on

By declaring the 13th game in a series to be the first proper sequel, Rovio is clearly taking cues from established spin-off factories like Capcom and Square. To its credit, Finnish mobile giant Rovio has actually crafted something that feels like a...

By Destructoid on

As I've said a million times in the past, I have no real problem with the original Angry Birds and the initial string of sequels. Yes, it was a derivative of Crush the Castle , but Banjo-Kazooie was a derivative of Mario 64 -- and so on throughout...

By Pocket-lint on

Rovio has finally launched the official sequel to Angry Birds. We've seen several Angry Birds spin-offs over the years, but this game is different from them all. It's supposed to be the original game loaded with all-new features and other enticing...

International Review By on 80

Review Angry Birds 2 -Suka tidak suka, Angry Birds selalu menarik perhatian meskipun sebenarnya saya sudah bosan dengan games ini. Tapi apa mau dikata, game Anrgry Birds banyak yang suka dan cukup banyak dimainkan.Konsep permainannya yang beragam, ikon...

International Review By on 67

In practice, Angry Birds 2's limited lives and ever-shifting stages don't completely ruin the fun of launching birds at pigs. It's still fun to pop in, cause some destruction, and then go about your day. But it's a more superficial kind of fun - a pale...

International Review By on 60

Angry Birds 2 is a great game in theory. It brings great tweaks to the core mechanics along with some gorgeous art that's recognisable to long-time fans as well as accessible to newbies. Sadly, the addition and heavy use of in-app purchases and Rovio's...

International Review By Parentesis on 86

Con PES 2015 Konami marca un regreso brillante para la franquicia Pro Evolution Soccer. Si bien el título se queda corto en términos de presentación al compararse con FIFA 15, el juego de Konami tiene elementos suficientes para destacarse como una...

International Review By on 50

Dat hoeft geen probleem te zijn. Er zijn in de appwinkels tal van games die je bij uitstek eens in de zoveel tijd kunt spelen. Angry Birds 2 is er daar echter niet een van. Het spel barst van de levels, dus je kunt er inderdaad weken zo niet maanden mee...

International Review By on

За последние несколько лет компанию Rovio не ругал только ленивый. И я полностью согласен со всеми этими людьми потому что причины на то действительно были. В свое время разработчикам удалось создать действительно качественный проект и превратить его в...

International Review By on

Похоже Rovio Entertainment окончательно смирилась со званием компании одной игры. Все их эксперименты с геймплеем проваливаются на протяжении вот уже шести лет и только «Злые птички» продолжают штурмовать чарты и приносить студии прибыль. А значит...