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  • Extensive customization; vastly improved driving; seamless in-game matchmaking system; free-to-play model


  • Poorly designed and woefully unbalanced combat system; lack of narrative; highly repetitive missions

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By eTeknix on

wpcol_1half id="" class="" style=""]You may have already heard of APB, it was originally released in 2010 as a retail game, but unfortunately the creator Realtime Worlds, found that the game wasn't a commercial success and the company went into...

By Strategy Informer on 70

It’s quite apt that APB: Reloaded opens with a screen that declares it ‘in memorium’ for previous developer Realtime Worlds. Although GamersFirst has done a good job in papering over the cracks and relaunching APB as a freemium title,...

By PC Gamer on 57

Reloaded has recreated APB, but reined-in its ambition, inheriting most of the same problems for a better...

By Games Radar on 60

We really, really want to love APB (All Points Bulletin): Reloaded more than we do. Yes, the original APB was riddled with enough cracks and flaws to take it from diamond-in-the-rough to half-eaten-Ring-Pop-that's-shaped-like-a-diamond, but some of...

By NowGamer on 69

Despite a sterling effort on the part of GamersFirst, APB Reloaded still doesn't live up the games potential. There's not a facet of APB that hasn't improved under their stewardship, but there's still no magic. More Articles >>>...

By 1Up on 50

Few games get as many second chances as APB, but then again, even fewer games start off with a premise so promising that I actually want to give them a third or fourth chance. I probably just can't get my head around how someone could start with...

By GameSpy on 50

GamersFirst has done a bang-up job ironing out the numerous digital kinks that helped doom the original version of the cops-versus-robbers MMO (and its creator, Realtime Worlds), but APB's poorly designed core mechanics, namely its woefully...

By Armchair Empire on 40

A word of warning to my regular and irregular readers: this is very likely going to be a short review. It may very well be in the running for “shortest review I've ever done.” But I feel it is necessary to disclaim this fact before...

International Review By Looki.de on 75

von Stephan Petersen Der Weg zum Free2Play-System war die richtige Entscheidung. Denn für eine monatliche Gebühr bietet der MMO-Shooter schlichtweg zu wenig Spieltiefe und Abwechslung. Dafür ist APB Reloaded aber eine kurzweilige...