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  • Great Story.
  • Razor-sharp shooting - the best in the series.
  • Columbia is an amazing place to be and explore.


  • Feels a bit padded in the middle.
  • Occasional quirks and contrivances disrupt the immersion.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on

But BioShock Infinite asks us to consider that very question and gives an answer that mixes hope with bitterness, wonder with despair and allegory with history. The game doesn't offer any advice about how to make everyone get along better but it makes a powerful argument for owning-- and owning up to--all of our collective past.

By GameSpot on 40

My love of the original BioShock is unwavering. Irrational's previous foray into a dystopian society explored the ways in which the foundation of civilization crumbles when everyone has only their own desires in mind. The powerful themes resonated...

By Maximum PC on 90

How do you critique a dream? It's the problem we face in reviewing Irrational Games's BioShock Infinite , a game that straddles the gap between an adventure title and a first-person shooter.The visuals within BioShock Infinite can be awe-inspiring.That's...

By PCWorld India on

"You just complicate the narrative," sneers one character to Bioshock Infinite protagonist Booker DeWitt. And what a narrative it is. If you strip away the first person shooter elements, the swashbuckling combat set in a city amongst the clouds, and...

By MacLife on 90

While it's got its share of nagging problems, Bioshock Infinite still stands as one of the best games of this year, on Mac or any other platform.

By PC Authority on 100

There is a true richness to BioShock: Infinite that is difficult to put into words. If you were watching someone else playing it, and they weren't a history buff, you might be tempted to push them out of the way, telling them you ‘get the game on more...

By on 90

Well, somebody bothered. The big complaint aimed at the perfectly entertaining Bioshock 2 was that it rested on its considerable laurels, that it re-trod, if not narratively then in every other sense, what had made the first game so interesting. It was a...

By eTeknix on

One of this year's biggest game releases is finally out in the wild, and while the game has been with us a few weeks now, it gives me great pleasure to be able to finally sit down and enjoy it, but with so much hype and anticipation prior to the games...

By HardOCP on

BioShock Infinite is a first-person shooter video game, and the third installment in the popular BioShock series. The campaign lasts anywhere from 12 to 15 hours, with plenty of items and side areas to explore and scour. We follow the story of Booker...

By Strategy Informer on 100

I hate it when I’m supposed to be reviewing a game and it makes me cry at the end (both that it’s over and just, well, generally). I completely forget any issues I had while playing and it makes me want to slap the highest award I can give on it. It’s...

By HotHardware on

The most frustrating part of this review is there's so much I can't tell you. Still video doesn't capture how much fun the game is. It certainly doesn't show you the scope of the story, the ties to Rapture, or why Elizabeth tells Booker that there's...

By Blogcritics on 80

There was much gushing praise written before, and on the day of, the Bioshock Infinite release. The praise went as far as to call it an instant classic and one of the best games ever. I beg to differ. While the game is good, it is certainly not as...

By PCMag on 80

Gorgeous to look at and complex in its construction, BioShock Infinite is a captivating addition to the popular first-person-shooter series.

By on 100

Like any good film, book or work of creativity, Bioshock Infinite leaves you - more than anything else - wanting to talk to anybody that'll listen. Its climactic scenes made me jump up and babble at my partner for five minutes straight before I realised...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Infinite is an incredible feat of storytelling, which keeps you guessing right until the end...

By New Game Network on 77

Infinite is a decent shooter that derives its action from the foundations of the series. The gameplay doesn't always make great use of new mechanics. Elizabeth is not believable enough and the city of Columbia is wasted potential outside the brilliant...

By Techgage on

Where to begin with this game; I'm at a loss for words. When the original BioShock graced our screens all those years ago, reviewers and critics fell in love immediately. It would seem that history is repeating itself, as we have before us another...

By Gaming Nexus on 95

BioShock Infinite is such a fun game with an incredible atmosphere. The long wait has been worth it and Irrational Games has done an incredible job at bringing Booker, Elizabeth, and Columbia to...

By VR-Zone on 95

Developer: Irrational Games, Human Head Studios Publisher: 2K Games Platform: Xbox 360 (Reviewed), PS3, PC Genre: Action Adventure, FPS MSRP: $59.99 With BioShock: Infinite, Irrational Games has brought a visual masterpiece that introduces gamers...

By Vortez on

£35 MSRPApprox Completion Time: 12 hoursReview Sponsor: AMDMinimum Specifications:Recommended:Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bitCPU: Quad Core ProcessorSystem Memory (RAM): 4GBVideo Card: 1GB VRAM, DirectX11 Compatible Card, ATI Radeon...