• Bleed
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  • Charming design.
  • Fun, varied stages.
  • Intuitive controls.


  • Story Mode ends very quickly.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpot on 75

For just $5, you get a few hours of fast-paced combat, and there's punishing side missions tucked away for those who crave a challenge. Think you can get through the entire game without dying? Tight mechanics make it possible, but it takes dedication to earn that triumph. Bleed is an energetic tale of heroic conquest.

By GameSpot on 75

Unceasing combat is the driving force of the fast and challenging...

By Dorkadia on 90

Bleed left me in awe from start to finish. I haven't played an action platformer this good in years. Bootdisk Revolution has delivered a sense of nostalgia and cutting edge gameplay in one neat package.

By Wiki Game Guides on 60

I still commend Ian’s efforts. He accomplished something here that I could never do: making his own game. Bleed may not become highly profitable, but I hope we see more title’s beyond Bootdisk Revolution’s breakout attempt. That’s more than I’ll say for most indie hits.

By Greenlit Gaming on 80

Bleed is a very fun and engaging experience. It takes action-platforming in a fun, enjoyable direction with excellent controls and a lovable cast of characters. For $5, you can’t go wrong. While the game’s length is relatively short, you will have a ton of fun for as long as it lasts. This is a game I can definitely recommend.

By AwesomeGames on 90

Bleed is a fantastic hybrid of shoot 'em up and platformer, well-worth the attention of any gamer who's looking for a vastly enjoyable experience and a game that knows when to provide a challenge at just the right moments. My only complaint would be that the title doesn't really fit what the game is portraying, but at least it rolls off the tongue nicely. If you enjoy a good challenge, don't hesitate to download this absolute belter.

By TechZWN on 86

Truthfully though, this has become my new go-to game when I feel the urge to just blow stuff up. Sometimes a game gets an element or two right, this game gets them all right. It’s an absolute must have for anyone who likes action shooters, platformers, or side-scrollers.

By Armless Octopus on 100

Bootdisk Revolution has crafted a classic. Bleed is a highlight on XBLIG, not just for 2012, but for the catalog as a whole. Yes, the price is high. But it’s one of the absolute best titles available and worth every spacebuck being charged. Don’t pass this one up.

By TheXblig on 100

This is the best XBLIG I’ve ever had the privilege of playing. You can be skeptic, but in this rarest of cases, trust me that the game earns that title utterly. If you have a pulse, if even a fraction of your heart is occupied by videogames, you must play Bleed.