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  • New graphical options improve the game's look.
  • Wonderful writing.
  • Great soundtrack.


  • Keyboard and mouse controls leave something to be desired.
  • Short campaign.

Expert reviews and ratings

By StickSkills on 80

A rough launch is still being met with almost daily patches at the time of this writing, and the overall product is very smooth. At its core, this is still Brutal Legend. It’s still hilarious, it’s still a blast, and it still kicks a ton of heavy metal ass.

By InVisionCommunity on 80

The £13.99 price point is just right for Brutal Legend, so if you want to wade into a world of blood, guts, metal and comedy, the time has never been better.

By TwInfinite on 80

As a straight port it’s actually pretty awful, but the core game is such a unique and fantastic experience that I’m willing to forgive quite a lot just to have had the opportunity to experience it.

By GameSpot on 70

With Brutal Legend's new graphics options and its budget-friendly price point, Double Fine seems to have done most things right in bringing the game to the PC--effective mouse and keyboard controls being the obvious exception. Plug in a gamepad, though, and you have a fine version of what remains...

By Quarter To Three on 100

But overall Brutal Legend is better than it’s ever been, both as a single-player open-world game unlike any you’ve ever played and as one of the best unique takes on real-time strategy since Sacrifice.

By 3DJuegos on 81

Brütal Legend mezcla con potente habilidad el sentido del humor, las aventuras, la acción y la estrategia para componer un combinado de muchos octanos. A PC llega tarde, es cierto, pero Tim Schafer y compañía vuelven a poner de moda el Heavy-Metal con una propuesta de juego original, simpática y delirante.

By 4Players on 85

Double Fine nicht hoch genug anrechnen, dass man der PC-Gemeinde in Eigenregie doch noch den Zugang in die fantastische Welt von Brütal Legend gewährt hat, denn das Spiel hat im Kern nichts von seiner ursprünglichen Faszination verloren. Und genau aus diesem Grund feiere ich auch auf dem PC die Award-Rockshow!