Cargo: The Quest for Gravity

  • Cargo: The Quest for Gravity
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  • Refreshingly unique premise.
  • Imaginative and surreal visuals.
  • Kicking buddies is fun.


  • No compelling reason to design your own vehicles.
  • Vehicles aren't fun to use.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Fusion Mods on

Developer: Ice PickPublisher: Viva MediaPlatform: PC Price: $19.95Cargo! : The Quest for Gravity. Just uttering the title lets one in on the sheer lunacy this game presents. Let me be plain, this game has a whole lot of WTF moments but they’re also...

By IGN Gear on 55

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity could have been an unforgettable game title; unfortunately, due to poorly-conceived vehicle controls, unclear objectives and some serious technical issues, what's bound to stick in your mind is the frustration of playing...

By Gamers Daily News on 60

BUILD INSANE MACHINES FOR INSANE REASONSLand, air or sea: build aircraft, boats, helicopters, submarines or cars - traverse any environment with any type of vehicle you create from scratch and blueprints. Or, you can build something that can traverse...

By GameSpot on 55

Cargo: The Quest for Gravity pulls you in with its surreal visuals and strange premise, but its gameplay rarely gets off the...

International Review By GamingXP on 70

Kniehohe, dicke und nackte "Bro's", mechanische Götter, die auf einer Führungsschiene quer über ihre Insel gleiten und jede Menge FUN. So, oder aber auch ganz anders, könnte man das Spiel "Cargo! The Quest for Gravity"...

International Review By GameCaptain on 72

Das Szenario von ist herrlich bescheuert - da habe ich mich gleich wie zuhause gefühlt. Auch der sympathische Look und die individuell gestaltbaren Fahrzeuge wissen zu gefallen, mit besserer Steuerung und größerem Umfang wäre bei...

International Review By on 70

Cargo: The Quest for Gravity er noe av det rareste jeg noensinne har spilt, og det er i mine øyne grunn nok til å anbefale at du tar en titt. Galskapen er til å ta og føle på, og selv om en mer belest person enn meg sikkert...