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  • Create your own villain with tons of customization; lots of fun to be had; easy to get into for people that are tired of the same old fantasy MMORPG setting.


  • There wont be much else to do for people that demand a few extra-curricular activities; the new content is only cosmetic and, outside of PvP, plays nearly identical to City of Heroes; you really never feel like you’re doing anything evil.

Expert reviews and ratings

By DarkZero on 85

Published March 6th 2006. Are you fed up with playing the good guy? Have you ever wanted to strive for world domination? Ever wished you could walk down the street wearing nothing but your underwear and a vest made of barbed wire? If you answered yes...

By on 80

Storyline/MissionsCity of Villains is set on a group of small fictitious Caribbean islands called the Rogue Isles. The game begins with a tutorial in which, with the help of others, you must escape from the famous Ziggurat prison. This sequence more...

By Maximum PC on 80

City of Villains is a stand-alone expansion pack to the City of Heroes MMO. This time around you play as a super-villain instead of a one-dimensional good guy, because—let’s face it—being bad is always more fun than being good. You...

By Expert Reviews on 100

This is one game that will ensure that all of your spare time is spent thinking of spandex and spikes Launched a year ago in the UK, City of Heroes was the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) to offer players the chance to...

By Gameplay Monthly on 83

City of Villains (PC)Genre: MMORPG In the world of the MMORPG, many games can come and go in the blink of an eye. Some manage to stand against the giant World of Warcraft, while others get crushed by its success. One MMORPG that has...

By on 80

Comics are crap. Sure you have your loyalists who still avidly devour every Spiderman or Batman edition, but these are generally men in later 40s scrabbling for escapism with torn Forbidden Planet T shirts, bellies showing from underneath, goatees...

By GWN on 80

If you’re more into character customization than actually feeling evil, and liked City of Heroes, you might get into to what City of Villains has to offer. As long as you don’t go in expecting any huge leaps in innovation, you should be...

By GameZone on 89

Every hero needs a good villain to really shine. Who would remember David if he hadn’t faced Goliath? The valiant players of City of Heroes have been alone in their online world since the critically acclaimed title was released. Now they have some...

By cnet on 82


International Review By Level 7 on

Sedan 2004 har Cryptic Studios i sitt debutspel City of Heroes låtit oss axla den tunga rollen som en superhjälte och hjälpa till i den evigt pågående kampen mot ondska. Tyvärr har denna dust inte alltid känts alltför engagerande, i brist på...

International Review By Smartson on

City of Villains är ett uppskattat spel som erbjuder elaka och ondskefulla inslag såsom bankrån och...

International Review By on

Ett år efter det senaste besöket i den fiktiva och brottsbelamrade staden Paragon City i NCsofts...