Civilization V: Brave New World

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  • Great new mechanics and features.
  • Much greater diversity in play styles.
  • Exciting endgame.


  • Chugging performance.
  • AI needs to vote smarter at World Congress.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Overclockers Club on

It was hard to write that earlier conclusion for just the base game, because I wanted so much to say, 'it is not as good a game as it is with the expansions.' I could not though, because I had not gone into those expansions yet. Now I can say it....

By PC Authority on 100

It's amazing to think that Civilization V is now three years old, having celebrated its release way back in 2010. And yet, with this second expansion, the classic game of addictive, turn-based exploration and expansion (plus a few more Xs besides) seems...

By Macworld UK on 100

Conquer the world – from the Globe Theatre in London The Civ series of strategy games has long since passed the point where all you had to do was build up a big army and then go off and conquer the world. Civilization V beefed up the diplomacy...

By GameBlog FR on 30

Prise en main foireuse, IA moisie, point de contrôle à se flinguer, réalisation antédiluvienne, artistiquement douloureux... Si de nombreux médias ont tenté de nous faire croire que la vie de vampire pouvait être excitante, Dark nous en rappelle toute l'horreur à travers un gameplay mort-vivant.

By HardcoreGamer on 50

Dark turns into an experience you may want to quietly sneak past. The RPG elements and distinct visual style do present some life, but don’t go in expecting this to be a mechanically sound game.

By Techgage on

When I reviewed Gods & Kings at its release , I had no idea that I was going to end up loving it a lot , and that I'd consider it a major improvement to an already great game. With Brave New World , Firaxis has done it again. The added mechanics are...

By Mac|Life on 90

Brave New World adds extra polish and intriguing options to the strategy favorite. Fans needn't hesitate to explore this excellent fresh terrain. 1 of 6 Civilization V: Brave New World Review View the full image Cultural content like famous...

By Strategy Informer on 85

Slow, steady, and unrelenting: the progression of the Civilization franchise is mirrored in the technological advancement that forms a core part of the game’s make-up. From release-to-release, the series is always moving forward, always improving...

By InsideGamingDaily on 90

That’s the ultimate strength of Brave New World — every addition is more than just a +1 to the feature list. Instead, it ricochets up and down the systems that are already in place, giving you new options and methods of play. Brave New World is the real Civilization V; get it and never look back.

By PCAdvisor on 80

This major add-on for Civ V is almost incomprehensible for non-fans, and frankly it's nowhere near as smart as it could be about explaining its new stuff, but for those who have already sacrificed dozens of hours to this strategy giant, Brave New World is absolutely essential.

By EuroGamer on 80

The additional content of Brave New World ensures that, now more than ever, Civilization 5 feels like a complete package; a game to lose hundreds of hours to as you build an empire to stand the test of time, and one to which you'll sacrifice many a cup of tea along the way.

By PCGamer on 88

But the later eras are an entirely new affair, solving some of the game’s largest problems in novel and enjoyable ways. Brave New World’s additions to the already-excellent Civ V have resulted in the high point of the franchise, and one of history’s greatest turn-based strategy experiences.

By GameSpot on 95

Brave New World taps into some of the darkest chapters of the long and storied history of our species, but presents them with respect, reverence, and a distinct sense of optimism for our uncertain future. This expansion is a fantastic accomplishment, and one that finally fulfills all of the potential of this chapter of the series.

By Digital Trends on 95

Firaxis Games has an amazing little racket going with its Civilization series. The studio releases what is essentially an unfinished game and then proceeds to fine-tune and update said game over a period of years with multiple expansion packs that are...

By PC Gamer on 88

The last few herbs and spices that Civ V’s epic stew was missing. A recipe for hundreds of hours more delicious turn-based...

By IGN on 94

This is the most fun I’ve had with Civilization since Civ IV, and the best late-game since Civ II. Brave New World is the rare case of a title delivering exactly what it promises.

By TheEscapist on 90

The sweeping changes to the Civilization V ruleset are both refreshing and familiar. Each of the updates feels like a logical evolution and are seamlessly integrated with the existing systems. Brave New World feels like Civ V Complete.

By GameStar on 84

Im Kampf verhalten sie sich zwar immer noch nicht schlauer, an Engstellen lassen sich auch übermächtige Armeen beliebig lange aufhalten. Aber immerhin fallen sie einem nicht mehr dauernd aus heiterem Himmel in den Rücken - nicht mal diese fiesen Franzosen!

By EuroGamer IT on 90

Per gli amanti di Sid Meier's Civilization V, Brave New World è un'espansione da non perdere per via delle tante opzioni aggiuntive inserite nel gioco in grado di dare maggior profondità non solo al gioco di base, ma agli elementi introdotti in Gods&Kings. Il tutto amalgamandosi alla perfezione con il gameplay, che non sarà appesantito da queste nuove opzioni.

By InsideGamer on 93

Civilization V en Civ V: Gods and Kings en voegt daar een hoop mooie dingen aan toe. Naast de standaardelementen zoals nieuwe wonderen en volkeren zijn er bijvoorbeeld nieuwe handelmogelijkheden aan het begin van je potje en heel veel uitgebreide diplomatieopties voor het einde van het spel. Het is een game om je hele zomer mee door te brengen.