• Closure
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  • Great light and dark relationship.
  • Clever puzzles.
  • Aesthetics graphics.


  • Small control issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Realm of Gaming on 80

PCSirens went off in my head as I fired up Closure for the first time. I can only guess that as I took in the game's vague narrative, minimalistic design, and unique art style, I subconsciously pronounced the game to be "artsy." Thanks to many poor...

By Gamespot on 80

Closure relies heavily on its novel mechanics to create an enticing puzzler. But this is more than just a clever gimmick. The steady difficulty curve and wealth of ideas offer an uncommon experience, and the effective artistic design meshes wonderfully with these aspects.

By GameSpot on 80

Closure introduces intriguing puzzle-solving mechanics in an oppressive world, creating a cerebral and moody...

By GameSpy on 80

What is it about arty games and spiders? They're everywhere, the little eight-legged bastards. Closure even makes one into a main character, if you count little alien-spider-hybrid-things as spiders, as obviously you should. Luckily, this time...

By EuroGamer on 80

Closure may stop short of delivering the sort of swashbuckling adventure one might hope for from a journey through this shadowy netherworld, but it remains thoroughly enjoyable puzzle game that twists your brain in all sorts of maddening directions...

By GameTrailers on 81

Closure’s grip of levels aren’t so devious that you won’t exhaust them in a few play sessions, but there are more than enough secrets for those willing to repeatedly wade into the shadows.

By GamesRadar on 80

It's a great way to dive in and invest your time in a unique and soundly designed experience. Regardless of how you experience it, just be sure not to miss Closure.

By Joystiq on 80

Closure offers up a unique puzzle experience set in a wonderfully moody environment caught somewhere between the designs of Dan Paladin and Edward Gorey.

By IGN on 85

Closure is a unique and stylistic puzzle platformer that takes the concept of light and shadow and twists it up into something never before seen.

International Review By Gamer.no on 60

Er du glad i løse logiske nøtter, og liker litt hodebry kan Closure gi noen timer med god underholdning. Det er gøy med nyskapende konsepter, og det er en viss sjarm i enkel grafikk. Closure er forøvrig basert på et gratis...