Commander: Conquest of the Americas

  • Commander: Conquest of the Americas
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  • Autotrade routes are invaluable, Lots of options for expanding colonies.
  • Exciting and brain teasing ocean battles.


  • Steep initial learning curve, Combat is an afterthought, Advisor system occasionally wonks out.
  • No tutorial or any form of instructions on how to play the game.

Expert reviews and ratings

By DarkZero on 70

Published September 16th 2010. Written by Tom James Parmiter. From Worms Reloaded, to Commander: Conquest of the Americas. Though perhaps not the most obvious choice for a follow-up review, I have spent many an evening ceaselessly toiling away at such...

By Gaming Nexus on 77

Most of the time when people think about the conquest of the Americas, they think about hardy pioneers moving westward, scraping a tough living from the land and killing Indians. Or maybe they think of stalwart pioneers rebelling against European...

By GameSpot on 65

Instead of wrestling with rival nations, you'll tussle with unruly advisors in this naval trading...

By Hooked Gamers on 67

I guess I must have been about 14 years old when I first fell in love with settlement sims. A friend of mine had just gotten a copy of Anno 1602 and invited me over to play it. I got my own copy a few weeks later and I can’t even begin to describe the...

By HardwareGeeks on

Last week Paradox Interactive announced the availability of Commander: Conquest of the Americas a stratergy and simulation game. Where you strategize on how to conquer “The Americas” with out going broke, and you simulate naval battles on the high...

By Cheat Code Central on 82

As with any economic/civilization sim, balance is the key. You have to keep the boat afloat, but once you achieve a degree of success, the next step is to overwhelm and overpower your enemy. This is accomplished by becoming unbalanced, empowering...

By Strategy Informer on 85

The true test of any studio's worth comes from the way they treat their fans, their community. Do they tolerate them? Ignore them? Include them in a limited fashion? Open up the floor to them? Look back through the history of games and gaming and you...

International Review By on 50

Commander: Conquest of the Americas starter fryktelig tregt, men kommer seg etter hvert. Det er moro å designe og vedlikeholde omfattende handelsruter samtidig som du stadig vurderer trusselbildet fra rivaler og pirater, og speider etter nye og...

International Review By GamingXP on 79

Falls Sie bereits den inoffiziellen Vorgänger „East India Company“ gespielt und gemocht haben, werden Sie „Commander: Conquest of the Americas“ genauso lieben. Die drei Grundmechaniken des Spiels (Wirtschaft, Diplomatie und Kriegsführung) greifen wie...

International Review By on 69

Die Strategie-Experten von Paradox schicken euch in Commander: Conquest of the Americas auf Entdeckungsfahrt....

International Review By GameCaptain on 68

Im ersten Moment sieht Commanders wie eine schöne Neuauflage von Colonization inkl. Seekampf aus. Doch es entpuppt sich als East India Company inkl. halb-freier Auswahl der Handelsposten, von denen man auch noch Waren kaufen muss. Dazu kommen Probleme...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

Ett gott hjärta under ett skamfilat yttre Commander Conquest of the Americas är ett strategispel där man företräder ett av flera europeiska länder under koloniseringen av den nya världen. Spelets fokus ligger på logistik men man får dessutom sköta...

International Review By on

Viime vuosituhannen puoliväli, rautaisten miesten ja puisten laivojen aika. Suomalainen Nitro Games on ehtinyt lyhyen olemassaolonsa aikana väsäämään tästä kiehtovasta ajanjaksosta niin pelin kuin nipun lisälevyjäkin.Nyt on tullut aika julkaista aivan...