Conflict: Denied Ops

  • Conflict: Denied Ops
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  • Good co-op play.
  • Decent graphics.
  • Intense action.


  • Overall fit and finish are lacking.
  • Missing that extra something great games have.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 20

Conflict: Denied Ops is another shooter that utilizes the ever so popular co op multi-player or AI ally system as you progress through the game. Will the other game elements bring this game up, or will it falter the same way its predecessors did?...

By GWN on 74

Not legendary by any means, this game is a good one to pass the time with. Its intense action should draw you in, even if the less than stellar graphics and the subpar production values do...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 73

When trying to tackle the FPS genre now, you either have to do the standard really well and blow us out of the water as far as gameplay, which this game did not do. Or, you have to add something new to the genre, which I felt like this game did. The...

By Expert Reviews on 60

Buddy movies are the template of choice for the current crop of action games. Double-teams of gruff, aggressive men are popping up all over the place. This latest instalment in the popular Conflict series takes the idea one step further. Eschewing...

By GameSpot on 65

Conflict: Denied Ops is a little dumb and a lot dated, yet its surprisingly enjoyable if youre into retro shooters with lots of kabooms....

By VideoGamer on 40

Coop play is decent, Generic missions, Horrible AI, Looks...

By Cheat Code Central on 52

The Conflict series is on quite a long run. Developer Pivotal Games issued entries in the series at a rate of nearly one per year during the last generation of consoles, and the latest entry, Conflict: Denied Ops, is the series' first landing on...

By Games Radar on 70

Fans of Conflict will remember the series for its real-world war zones, accurate weapons and deep squad tactics. Be prepared for a shock. Conflict: Denied Ops ditches all of the features we came to love in favour of a fast-paced, almost arcade-like...

By Play TM on

2007 was a good year for gaming. In particular, it was an exceptional year for the FPS genre. Not only did we savour the story-telling delights of BioShock, the fast-pace of Halo 3 and the hard-hitting Call of Duty 4, but we also enjoyed the...