• Daylight
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  • Scary atmosphere.
  • Story fragments.
  • Scary enemies and tons of tension.


  • Corridors look the same.
  • Tedious box puzzles.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 50

Daylight is worth one nervous dash through its short campaign, but it's too heavy on stereotypes and naffness to warrant the repeat visits it's designed for.

By New Game Network on 39

If you like Slender, play that instead and pretend you are navigating a maze of corridors. If you hate Slender, run far away from Daylight as though evil witches are chasing...

By HookedGamers on 70

In those moments where I found myself more terrified than I had been in a while, I truly saw what Daylight was meant to be. Outside of those instances however, the game had an overcast of moments of what could have, and should have been. It is quite the up and down experience that only takes about two hours to beat.

By Kill Screen on 65

The familiar had become unfamiliar; the hospital, and my grandma’s house, were nearly endless circles of stories and rooms to discover. A disembodied voice in your cellphone tells you at one point, “Round and round, Sarah.” This is the path I took in the game, and it’s the path the game is taking still in my head.

By ZTDG on 60

Don’t get me wrong, it is a rather creepy game and it can still frighten even the boldest of players, but in the end, it is a single play through game that lasts four hours at the most.

By Joystiq on 50

The witches are truly unnerving, but they're never a real threat, and the reward for your survival is disappointing. Daylight is good for a few well-executed scares, but it won't leave you sleeping with the lights on.

By Digital Trends on 70

Survival horror works only when you buy into the illusion. The moment you know the ground rules – when things can and can't kill you, what each creepy noise means, and so on – you've effectively lost. More so than in other genres, survival horror is all...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

This is the kind of game you have to be a survival horror fan to get, but if you are, it will push all the right buttons and you will be able to ignore the shortcomings in the actual gameplay.

By Polygon on 50

I would be lying if I said Daylight didn't scare me, because it did, and often. It's kind of fascinating to see how much of its mechanical design was crafted in the interest of eliciting an emotional response from the player; all the theory and psychology behind its scares. But those moments of fear and panic were just that — moments — amid a whole campaign of boredom and frustration.

By GamingNexus on 80

That said, that first playthrough alone is worth the price of admission, and if you've got the nerve, grab a good pair of headphones, and start exploring.

By God is a Geek on 80

Everything about Daylight converges to create a shining beacon in the survival horror genre and shows a glimmer of hope for its future. If nothing else, one thing is for sure: it reassures you that your heart is working.

By GamingTrend on 75

All in all, Daylight is a respectable addition to the modern horror lineup that packs enough scare into its roughly three hour playtime to justify its modest $15 price tag. The story and scares don’t quite stack up to the best of its contemporaries, but the title brings enough of its own charm to the table to make it worth a procedurally generated spin or two.

By GameFront on 75

If that sounds like a game you want to try, and as well as play repeatedly through randomly generated levels, you won’t be disappointed. Daylight won’t serve to illuminate new corners of the horror the genre, but it’s a worthy addition to the current crop of games that will make players freak out in the dark.

By EuroGamer on 70

Daylight has neither the creeping sense of psychological dread of Fatal Frame nor the poster man antagonist of Slender, and its reliance on cliché lacks distinction. But if the game's straightforward purpose was simply to panic and upset its player then it is an indisputable success, no matter how cheap the tricks employed.

By IGN on 58

All of that is squandered by the first half, where poor level design, unnecessary box-pushing puzzles, and impotent enemies deflate the scares before it even gets going. By the time I reached the more interesting second act, I’d grown immune to its tricks and could only see it as a mediocre series of fetch quests.

By TheEscapist on 50

Predictable, trite, and convoluted, Daylight is more likely to make you yawn than scream. It's every single horror game ever made, and it's less than the sum of its parts.

By StrategyInformer on 43

Still, it at least nails the look of a good horror, even if it doesn’t nail the pacing. Taken on their own merit, these Unreal 4-powered locales suitably unnerve, rusted and decaying under a grimey digital filter. What you do within them, sadly, left me in the dark.

By Destructoid on 40

Daylight would have benefited from a fresh set of spooks rather than intermittent scares and muddy plot lines, but at the end of the day if you’re looking for a cheap thrill you've found it.

By GameSpot on 30

Daylight makes for an interesting experiment in audience participation, but no crowd of online viewers can make the poor writing any better or the themes any less hackneyed. In creating a game designed for return visits, Zombie Studios ironically forgot to make a game worth playing in the first place.

By PC Gamer on 43

You can’t just chuck players in a maze with a ghost and tell them to be scared. Unfortunately this is exactly what Daylight...