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  • Some impressive set pieces.
  • Varied locations across desert, jungle and ice.
  • A lot of weapons.


  • Poor retelling of a story we've heard countless times before.
  • Boring, repetitive combat.

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You are James Quatermain, great-grandson of the famed Allan Quatermain, which is the main protagonist in King Solomon's Mines. When a former colleague ask for your help in recovering a dangerous artifact from the Nazi's, expect nothing but troubling...

By GameSpot on 30

Glitches, stereotypical characters, and dull combat betray any chance of Deadfall Adventures providing any real incentive for your troubles. Digging into this game yields not a rough-cut gem, but rather a lump of coal that should have stayed buried.

By GamingLives on 40

Sadly, Deadfall Adventures is a game that attempted to gain a foothold in a genre where there are already well-established heavy hitters and failed. Naughty Dog are unlikely to be watching over their shoulder any time soon.

By CapsuleComputers on 55

Playing the game for the story may be understandable; but offering a multiplayer with little to no community following just shows how much attention this game is receiving. Pretending to be an “Indiana Jones” is fun, but I would likely consider other titles in the current price range.

By Ve3tro on 50

It’s clear that Farm 51 worked very hard on this title and it’s easily an improvement on the developer’s previous first person shooter effort. Despite a couple of flaws, Deadfall Adventures is still an enjoyable take on the genre, and the addition of puzzles makes it worth playing through to the end.

By StrategyInformer on 76

Variations can remove environmental threats, but frankly if you choose those you might as well play Quake since these traps are the one thing that makes Deadfall Adventures’ multiplayer stand out. I think The Farm 51 are a bit hopeful to be honest – if I had trouble finding people to play Batman: Arkham Origins online with I haven’t got a prayer with this.

By GameSpot on 30

In many games, you unlock ancient discoveries and acquire grand treasures as a reward. But not all tombs offer something grandiose, and a long trek down a musty corridor may sometimes yield disappointment.Deadfall Adventures is one such trek. The game...

By PopMatters on 30

Deadfall Adventures fails in delivering an exciting action experience or a world worth exploring. Struggling to live up to its two greatest influences, the Quatermain novels and Indiana Jones, it is eclipsed in their shadows, unable to carve out an identity of its own.

By GameGrin on 50

We wouldn’t recommend that you stay away from Deadfall, but it’s hard to recommend it too, especially as everything it features has already been done better elsewhere; and with the Christmas period coming up, saving your cash may end up being the wiser option.

By AusGamers on 50

They exist purely to inject an action set piece where it clearly and logically does not fit. This sort of baffling design is not a new thing but as game narratives improve these dated examples can’t help but feel just that - dated.

By TrueAchievements on 60

An active community is unlikely to exist soon after the game's release. The money put into the creation of these modes would have been better used in polishing the campaign.

By TruePCGaming on

If you’re looking for a satisfying single player FPS, there might be better games out there. Would-be explorers better wait for a price drop or a hefty discount before embarking on this particular adventure.

By GamersYDE on 50

All in all, Deadfall Adventures is not a bad game, but it's far from being great either, so we can only recommend you wait until a price drop to give it a go. We enjoyed it, it's not as bad as some reviewers said it is, but there is clear room for improvement.

By Edge on 30

The Farm 51 has neither the money nor the talent to compete on this well-furrowed ground. Deadfall Adventures is a poor man’s imitation, a thoroughly bad videogame and one which, most frustratingly, is bad in uninteresting ways.

By ExtraContinue on 70

In fact, all of the elements click together in a weird, B-movie way, and it’s clear that this is what the developers wanted. While I’m not one for cliché, I must say that I enjoyed Deadfall Adventures, solely because of the charm it oozes.

By IncGamers on 50

The locations and themes in Deadfall Adventures are its stars, but neither the combat nor the puzzles really stand out and the pulp tone goes missing whenever most of the cast speak. A forgettable, Boy’s Own jaunt through well-thumbed pages of adventure fiction.

By Strategy Informer on 70

I’m lucky in terms of games I’ve wished to exist. Rocksteady gave me the Batman games I’ve always wanted, Telltale made a new Monkey Island, there are new Thief and Deus Ex games coming out, and that F2P Command & Conquer game got shut down. What...

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В 1885 году Генри Райдер Хаггард написал «Копи царя Соломона», первый роман о приключениях Аллана Квотермейна, давший начало целой серии отличных книг. Без малого сто лет спустя, в 1981, Сплиберг снял один из своих лучших фильмов – «Индиана Джонс: В...

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Где-то я уже это видел В центре сюжета оказывается Джеймс Ли Квотермейн — наш главный герой, внук того самого Аллана Квотермейна, придуманного писателем Райдером Хаггардом. Протагониста нанимает юная красавица-археолог для помощи в поисках Древнего...

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Deadfall Adventures é o típico jogo onde os desenvolvedores se focaram mais em copiar do que criar algo novo. Campanha sem sal, cenários vazios, jogabilidade terrível e parte audiovisual problemática eliminam quase que completamente as chances de sucesso...