• Deadpool
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  • Genuinely crude humor.
  • Lots of upgrade options.
  • Good voice acting.


  • Stale level design.
  • Repetitive encounters.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 60

If developer High Moon Studios is good at anything, it’s getting licensed games right. Their Transformers titles have been ultra-fun, ultra-faithful adaptations so reverential they’re officially recognised as canon. When they announced they would be...

By IGN on 60

Developer High Moon gets the character and brings the funny, but none of the action finesse that would make Deadpool stand out. If you’re a fan of boob jokes and dumb, repetitive, yet mildly fun gameplay, then Deadpool will offer you a weekend’s worth of silliness.

By EuroGamer on 60

Fans of the character will be pleased with how well his off-the-wall mannerisms have been realised in game form, and there's enough inspired wackiness to make your first play-through worthwhile, but the same lack of nuance and depth that makes Deadpool such enjoyable company also means that his game is a joke not worth hearing twice.

By Joystiq on 60

That's okay, bearing in mind there are better games in which you slice people up for points, and that everything Deadpool the man revels in – the bullets, the blood and the babes – are sincerely sought and embarrassingly commonplace in the marketplace to begin with.

By Kotaku on

Thanks in no small part to the insanity of Wade Wilson (and an inspired set of performances by Mr. North), they've taken a genre that rarely produces more than repetitive filler and twisted it into a unique experience that embodies the very spirit of the character.

By VideoGamer on 50

The inclusion of a wave-based challenge mode adds some replay value, but it’s a very limited add-on that fails to intrigue. By sticking to a generic formula, it undermines the way Deadpool literally tears up the script.

By CVG on 50

Though the depiction of the Deadpool is probably the best we've seen outside of the comics, and there are a few laughs here and there, as a full price game Deadpool simply doesn't offer enough to justify its pricetag. And the gameplay that does have is of extremely dubious quality.

By GamesRadar on 70

High Moon Studios has created not only one of the best superhero games, but one of the funniest games you'll ever play - period. Sure, it's low brow and a little heavy on the dick and fart jokes, but... wait, actually, that's not a bad thing. It's a great thing.

By God is a Geek on 80

Nolan North delivers, as always, and High Moon have done a great job reshaping the Marvel universe around Wade Wilson to produce a highly enjoyable and genuinely funny action game. In a word: awesome.

By Polygon on 70

But High Moon surprised me with competent action and better-than average storytelling, and even Deadpool himself grew on me, despite his dumber-than-dirt antics. Amid some aggravating glitches, sometimes-repetitive mechanics and an unwelcome late-game difficulty spike, the game isn't really superhero material.

By DigitalTrends on 75

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Deadpool as a character essentially embodies mindless entertainment, so this is a case of the form fitting the function. The technical flaws are harder to forgive, but they are washed away easily enough in the midst of all the funny business. Perfect for action fans looking to kill a few summer hours, and...

By InsideGamingDaily on 70

Playing for the humor and Deadpool’s banter with other Marvel characters are good enough reasons to give Deadpool (the game) a shot. The best jokes are evenly spread out and make the journey through generic levels more tolerable. Yet, if the likes of God of War and Ninja Gaiden have spoiled you with sublime and fluid framerates, Deadpool might be hard to swallow.

By Cheat Code Central on 74

When I first heard about a game based on Deadpool, I lost it. I couldn’t think of a better character to grace my screen and deliver a balance of insane action and absolute hilarity. But then I got nervous–could someone really do this character...

By FanBoyFeed on 70

Overall this game is perfect for any fan of the Marvel universe and if you’re looking to play something to increase your gamerscore, basic combat and a cmedic performace that will help you pass the time. Then Deadpool is the game for you.

International Review By chip.co.id on

Setelah menghadirkan beberapa tokoh pahlawan super seperti Wolverine dan Spiderman, Activison Blizzard kembali merilis game action dengan tema yang sama dan masih menggunakan tokoh dari Marvell Comics bernama Deadpool. Game yang dirilis pada...

International Review By digit.in on 70

To sum it up, though Deadpool is a weird hero with crass style and an insane personality, the game is fun. High Moon Studios has done a nice job in embodying Deadpool's character in the game. With good combat, weapons, upgrade options and not to forget,...

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 60

Deadpool é mais um título baseado em um herói dos quadrinhos que desperdiçou seu enorme potencial como game. Com uma jogabilidade sem qualquer recurso interessante para a utilização de armas de fogo, o jogo torna-se um hack and slash simples e sem sal....

International Review By 3dnews.ru on

Но если постараться секундочку побыть серьезным и непредвзятым (что очень сложно, когда в твоем офисе пара кило тротила и маньяк с растроением личности на проводе), то в наше время игра про персонажа из комиксов, не являющаяся сопутствующим продуктом к...

International Review By ferra.ru on

Название игры : Deadpool Жанр : юморной супергеройский экшен от третьего лица Разработчик : High Moon Studios Издатель / Издатель в России : Activision Publishing / Новый Диск Похожие игры : DmC: Devil May Cry , Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Платформы...

International Review By Gamezoom.net on 60

Der schizophrene Anti-Held steckt voll ungenutztem Potential! Anstatt Deadpool eine Teleportfähigkeit zu geben – die er im Übrigen im Comic nicht hat – hätte High Moon Studios lieber auf eine tiefsinnige Story oder einen langfristig motivierenden...