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By SenioGamers on 70

With the price of showdown falling, I would recommend this game to any burnout fan that sees this at a low price. Remember though, as with almost all games nowadays, an online pass is required which will make buying a used game not really an option.

By on

Dirt: Showdown Dirt: Showdown is the latest installment in the off-road racing game series Dirt. This article will focus on how this DirectX 11 game performs on current GPUs. The game was released on 31 May, 2011 and received a lukewarm reception by...

By New Game Network on 67

Ordinary game modes, unchallenging Gymkhana and broken collisions. It's an average racing game that's thin on unique content. Showdown is a forgettable blunder for a great...

By Destructoid on 70

Courses repeat over and over and the difficulty never gets too high where events become a challenge, thus leaving the player almost bored with the task of completing each event. It looks nice, but it's clearly a shell of its former self, with no real connections to the series that everyone knows past the name itself.

By on 70

A fter spending a few hours playing Dirt Showdown, it's hard to believe that this is what the Colin McRae franchise has evolved (or mutated, depending on your affinity towards rally games) into. Yes, this is just a crashes-and-donuts, summer...

By PC Authority on 50

Codies said openly not too long ago that being a racing game developer was the new priority. With a respectable stable that includes the (relatively) high end in F1, the rally scene in Dirt 3, the time comes to fill the less sophisticated end of the...

By Cheat Code Central on 76

DiRT Showdown is a dramatic departure from what fans have come to expect from the series. It's turned away from a focus on racing other cars in a frantic dash for the finish line to instead focus on destruction, and lots of it. It's a change that...

By GameSpy on 40

Fans of Codemasters' DiRT series (nee Colin McRae Rally) have come to expect a high standard of off-road racing goodness. Sumptuous visuals and grin-inducing driving physics have powered previous chapters to the front of the pack, but that ride comes...

By eTeknix on

This week I've been playing through DiRT Showdown, the latest racing gaming in the DiRT franchise from Codemasters. Codemasters are well known for their racing games, with many great racing titles already firmly under their belt over many formats and...

By on 80

It's a spin-off weaned on destruction derbies and deep-fried snacks. A game where the road to victory is littered with the dented and busted wrecks you've rammed off the track.Showdown's driving challenges veer from speeding around tracks designed for...

By IGN on 60

There’s a good game in here, but there just isn’t enough of it. It’s perhaps eerily fitting Codies shipped this Dirt 3 follow-up with the subtitle Showdown; it may have swagger but this town really ain’t big enough for the two of them.

By GameSpot on 80

If you're looking for the next great rally simulator, you won't find it here. But to ignore Dirt Showdown because of its arcade styling would be to deny yourself one of the most satisfying of pleasures: that of mindless, over-the-top, and--above all--deliciously addictive destruction.

By PC Authority on

This game makes so much sense! Totally separate to the fairly safe bet that it'll shred the marketplace for this genre, it reeks of realised desire from Codemasters themselves. If they ever tell you in interviews that this is “the game they always wanted...

By HardwareHeaven on

Based on our time with DiRT Showdown it is clear that Codemasters want users to forget about the more serious aspects of racing and just sit down to have some fun. The graphics, particularly the use of lighting, look great. The audio suits the onscreen...

International Review By on

Ekipa ze studia Codemasters miała przed sobą trudne zadanie stworzenia wyścigówki, która poziomem dorównałaby trzeciej części znakomicie przyjętego przez graczy Dirta. Niestety, Mistrzowie Kodu tym razem nie sprostali zadaniu i w swoich klimatyzowanych...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Codemasters' Dirt Showdown ist das erste auf AMDs aktuelle Grafikkarten-Architektur optimierte Spiel. Seit dem letzten Patch gibt es die erweiterte Beleuchtung, welche sich aus Forward Plus sowie Global Illumination zusammensetzt - DX11-Benchmarks mit...

International Review By on

Во время игры не возникло никаких нареканий, поэтому с уверенностью можно сказать, что это удачный проект от небезызвестной студии. Конечно, имеются небольшие недочеты, но они становятся практически незаметными на фоне шикарных шоу, множества режимов...

International Review By on

Bleibt nun also abschließend die Frage, wie DiRT Showdown in unserem Test abschneidet. Zunächst mal ist es schwer hier eine objektive Meinung zu bilden, da der Spaß am Spiel sehr stark vom persönlichen Geschmack abhängen dürfte. Wer diesen Titel im...

International Review By on 70

DiRT Showdown is een vermakelijke racer, met een simpele maar prima besturing, mooie graphics en een zeer leuke multiplayer. Voor fanatieke gamers is het spel misschien wat aan de makkelijke kant. Dit zorgt er aan de andere kant wel voor dat Showdown...

International Review By on

Codemasters — основной поставщик качественных автосимуляторов. Каждый любитель виртуальных гонок знаком если не с серией DiRT, то Race Driver: GRID или с играми F1, посвященных соревнованиям Formula 1. На фоне таких титанов свежий DiRT Showdown выглядит...