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gamespot.com said:

Dota 2 is complicated, exhausting, and sometimes cruel, but its many complexities form an incredibly satisfying and exciting multiplayer game....

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By firstpost.com on 90

What's Dota, you ask? Well... as a game, Dota has been around for quite some time now. It began its life as a simple Starcraft map known at the time as Aeon of Strife. However, once the much more advanced Warcraft 3 rolled around, it got rechristened as...

By IGN on 94

The fact that it’s completely and totally free to play in the way we wish all free-to-play games could be isn’t just one of the most generous propositions anywhere in gaming, it creates a level playing field where skill and cooperation is paramount. May the best team win.

By GameSpot on 90

Dota 2 is complicated, exhausting, and sometimes cruel, but its many complexities form an incredibly satisfying and exciting multiplayer game....

By EuroGamer on 90

Also, you always want a Bottle when in mid-lane, and runes spawn at 0:00 and again every two minutes. Practice last-hitting before you go online. And if you're jungling, memorise where the low-level Creeps are.

By Cheat Code Central on 90

“Crap, Riki has to be somewhere nearby.” Danger lurks around every corner when there’s an invisible hero on the loose. Sure, Clinkz has the ability to go invisible himself, but Riki unleashes a powerful smoke cloud, silencing the opposing team. A...

By Tom's Hardware on

Free-to-play multiplayer games are only profitable if as many people as possible have access to them. So, it's hardly surprising that Dota 2 is not a particularly demanding title. It's really meant to run well on the lowest common denominator. Our little...

By GamesReviews on 80

These differences probably won’t be enough to drag anybody obsessed with another game to DotA 2, but I get the feeling Valve hope to build a community from new players who use Steam. In the long run this might make combat for veterans a little too simple, but for now things seem quite balanced and, on the whole, relatively civil.

By GameStar on 84

Womöglich verzichtet Valve bewusst darauf und nutzt stattdessen Spieler-Bewertungen und das Mentoren-System, um sich eine freundliche Community heranzuzüchten. Eine Community, die einen Neuling auch mal unterstützt, statt ihn anzupflaumen. Das wäre, für Dota-Verhältnisse, geradezu eine Revolution.

By DevilsMMO on 80

Since it’s free-to-play and available right from the Steam program, there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t be a massive hit anyway. Thankfully though, there’s also a great deal of quality in there and the proof is that I couldn’t find one entirely negative thing to say about it.

By Taringa on 96

Dota 2 es un juego mas estratégico e inteligente, sin dejar de lado la acción, gráficamente espectacular (artisticamente al mismo nivel) y con un gameplay mas lento.

By PCGamer on 85

Despite his aggression, he’d taught me something. Sometimes you want to play, not learn. But when you want to study, to master something, there are few finer, slicker classrooms than Dota 2.

International Review By Canal Tech on

Jogar Dota2 é ter uma experiência profunda no mundo dos MOBAs. Claro que todo jogo do gênero tem suas próprias mecânicas de mapa e personagens, porém os diversos elementos estratégicos distintos do game da Valve fazem com que jogadores tenham que tomar...

International Review By Computer Bild on

DotA 2 ist ein Phänomen: Kaum ein Spiel quält seine Gamer so sehr und wird dafür so geliebt. Die Redaktion nimmt den Wettkampf...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Wer nun in DotA 2 einsteigen will, kommt nicht darum herum, seine Fähigkeiten zunächst in einer umfangreichen Einführung zu schulen. Denn es gilt, nicht nur die Spielmechanik zu verstehen, sondern auch seinen Helden samt Ausrüstung genau zu kennen und...

International Review By Eurogamer on 90

Vi befinder os i sommeren 2010. Den amerikanske spilgigant Valve har netop annonceret, at de arbejder på efterfølgeren til en af alle tiders mest populære fan-modifikationer, WarCraft III-spiltypen Defence of the Ancients, og ingen kan rigtig blive enige...

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 90

Dota 2 é um bom jogo gratuito que pode ser aproveitado por qualquer um, apesar de ser extremamente difícil de se dominar. Há muito conteúdo para ser aproveitado e dificilmente vai cansar ou ser repetitivo. No geral, é um jogo bem mais complexo que os...

International Review By technopat.net on

Defence of the Ancients, aslında ilk olarak Warcraft III'te karşımıza basit harita olarak belirivermişti. Harita, kısa zamanda kullanıcılara aslında sahip oldukları oyundan daha fazlasını vermeye başlamıştı. Yani oyuncular bu haritada basit bir strateji...

International Review By in.ign.com on 94

Dota 2 deserves its intimidating reputation, and it probably won't suit you if you're looking to play casually. There's a huge time investment before you can even enjoy a game, let alone feel competent at it. But once you start to learn its secrets,...

International Review By ComputerBase on

„Dota 2“ ist im Jahr 2013 genauso wie seine Konkurrenten „League of Legends“ und „Heroes of Newerth“ ein ungewöhnlicher Titel. In Zeiten, in denen man als Spieler eher unterhalten als gefordert wird, ist das MOBA-Spielprinzip in den ersten Minuten...

International Review By 3dnews.ru on

Происхождение видов Впрочем, назвать DotA 2 «детищем Valve» — значит, как минимум, слукавить, ведь корни всей задумки идут еще от StarCraft. Точнее, от фанатской карты Aeon of Strife, заложившей основу DotA-жанра. Некоторые называют его MOBA...