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  • Neat use of lighting.
  • Exciting stealth action game.
  • Incredibly polished.


  • Slow start.
  • Can become repetitive.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IndieGameReviewer on 80

It is kind of amazing how immersive just another top-down action game with simple graphics can be. It’s all about the implementation my friends, not the set-decoration and second rate storytelling. In keeping simple, Dynamite Jack gets this right.

By SlideToPlay on 60

Dynamite Jack is a totally solid stealth game, with lots of levels and lots of replayability. If they fix the controls in an update (and they’ve already made a small, insufficient attempt), we’ll have no qualms with the game. But even as is, there’s plenty to love here.

By PocketGamer on 70

A tense and surprisingly strategic stealth puzzler that's only let down by awkward controls.

By TouchGen on 80

The included levels eventually provide an exciting experience, and the user generated content is reflective of the robust tools placed at the players’ fingertips.

By 148Apps on 90

Dynamite Jack is an action puzzler where players navigate through levels while destroying landscape, enemies, and finding a way out.

By TouchArcade on 95

It's a stealthy puzzle game with explosions, and it's a brilliant one at that. If you don't have an iPad, do yourself a favor and check it out on desktop. And either way, report back to our discussion thread to share your thoughts, levels and strategies.

By TheIndieGameMag on 80

The game makes controlling your character a breeze. Considering the polish in the visuals, audio, and gameplay, it should come as no surprise that Dynamite Jack is a mostly bug-free experience. If you like your games simple yet fairly challenging, don’t be surprised if you find Dynamite Jack to be a blast.

By GameZebo on 70

There’s still a thrill to be had by narrowly escaping the guards and slipping between beams of light. Some might even say that when Dynamite Jack is at its best, it’s a blast.