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  • There's a fun game underneath bugs and lacking tutorials, lots of free updates coming from Stardock." how is it that you score it 4 and a half stars...Vote: Down Up 0 report user First Prev 1 Next Last post a comment Elemental: War of Magic | PC Rele
  • Solid turnbased formula may cause you to lose a few hours to its spell, A nice amount of strategic flexibility.


  • The launch version is a little buggy, multiplayer is MIA, and a more thorough tutorial is needed.
  • Loaded with crippling bugs, Terrible interface and player feedback, The AI fails to put on the pressure, Tactical battles aren't worth the effort, Plenty of slowdown in spite of the unimpressive visuals.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Techworld on

Even though I’ve struggled through bugs and vague feedback on my performance in-game, I can’t deny that plenty of my time has been lost conquering my own magical worlds in Elemental. While it may be too unfocused and complex for some...

By PC Advisor on 70

Underneath the bugs, Elemental: War of Magic is a fun game. Lots of free updates are promised from maker Stardock, too. A more thorough tutorial is needed, however. Kyle Horner, GamePro...

By Games Radar on 50

Elemental: War of Magic is convoluted and ridiculous and sometimes fun. Part of this convolution (and most of the fun) can be attributed to the genre, which is called 4X (it stands for explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. Get it? 4X?). If...

By GameZone on 30

Elemental: War of Magic is an ambitious 4x strategy game from Brad Wardell, the man behind the supposed “Gamer’s Bill of Rights.” Ironically, Elemental clearly violates Stardock’s own rules regarding the release of finished games...

By Gaming Nexus on 46

As I open this review I will confess that I am pre-disposed to like some games even before I see the first load screen. As such, I find myself overlooking flaws, blemishes, and other imperfections that other gamers will not (and maybe should not)....

By GamePro on 70

Stardock’s latest has some rough edges, but fans of the 4x genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) will find plenty of reasons to pour hours of their time creating their own fantasy epics. Better still, Stardock's track record of post...

By New Game Network on 40

Elemental: War of Magic is the first turn-based strategy game I’ve played in a while; which, turned out to be a sad reentry into the genre. Elemental: War of Magic was made by Stardock, the same developers that made the Galactic Civilizations...

By IGN Gear on 60

In the end I have to admit that despite its large number of problems I find Elemental strangely engaging, and I want to keep playing just because I know that someday it's going to become a much better game than it is right now. It really is the...

By GameSpot on 40

A decent strategic foundation is rendered all but meaningless by horrific bugs, missing features, a poor interface, and plenty of other defects....

By PC Gamer on 70

The bare bones of a hugely exciting strategy RPG hybrid. The the AI just isn’t good enough to make it special,...

By Neoseeker on 90

Stardock's strategy RPG Elemental: War of Magic has been as community-driven as ever, having been in beta for what felt like ages now, and the team as receptive as can be to feedback. Finally, I got some extensive time with the release version, a...

By 1Up on 63

So, is it all a disaster? Well, the A.I. problems are fixed to some degree by the robust multiplayer (if you can find friends willing to slog through the ugliest visuals since finger-painting class) [Editor's Note: At the...